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  1. Schrecken_Licht

    13 Watt RF CO2 laser for sale

    Thanks - the laser is sold!
  2. Schrecken_Licht

    13 Watt RF CO2 laser for sale

    Hey, thanks for the positive feedback! Wasn't sure if you were still around on these forums, as sadly I just haven't had much time for my laser hobby in the recent past.
  3. Schrecken_Licht

    13 Watt RF CO2 laser for sale

    I have a RF CO2 laser I'd like to sell that I had purchased here on this board a couple of years ago in a group buy that was done by Chris Leubner (not sure if he is still around here today or what his board name is). It is essentially as it was the day I took it out of the package, and it...
  4. Schrecken_Licht

    Awesome psychedelic graphic!

    Someone just e-mailed me this - http://inoyan.narod.ru/kaleidoskop.swf - move your cursor over it to change the image. Time to put on some Jimmy Hendrix or something! Would make an interesting screensaver for sure!
  5. Schrecken_Licht

    Using lasers as a light source for outdoor activity

    I've used some of my lower-powered lasers in a pinch for light, as when the power fails, but I have always found that the laser speckle can make it hard to do things like try to read anything. I suppose you could make an interesting mood light if you bounced the beam off a white ceiling or...
  6. Schrecken_Licht

    1.1W 445nm laser from Wannaburn

    A couple of weeks ago I purchased one of the lasers Wannaburn had for sale in this thread (http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/sale-3-mode-445nm-200mw-1-1w-heavy-pix-video-63308.html). I hadn't been around the forums for a very long time and upon my return I had discovered that 445nm had become...
  7. Schrecken_Licht

    My greenie made him puke!

    It seems that I read that the US military (or perhaps it was a military contractor, I don't remember) was working on what they called the "pukelight" which was a glorified flashlight that had 2 or 3 colors of LEDs that blinked in a certain pattern that was supposed to make people nauseous. Not...
  8. Schrecken_Licht

    Photography thread!

    I actually majored in photography when I was in college (but have never done it for a living) but still take pics as a hobby (speaking of professional ability some of you who have posted here have work that is of a professional level of skill IMO). This is one of my faves, taken many years ago...
  9. Schrecken_Licht

    How did you all stumble upon lasers?

    I found out about how awesome lasers could be when I was totally down on my luck back in the late 90's and looking for work. I found a job with a temp agency; the sort that places people in crappy, low-paying jobs in factories and other menial jobs. It was the best I could do at the time but...
  10. Schrecken_Licht

    California laser owners

    I don't know about California (used to live there but now I live in Maryland) but what I do when I want to take my lasers outside (like if it's a really foggy/hazy night and I can't resist) is I shine the beam into trees on my property. Trees make a great beam stop (in summer for leafy trees...
  11. Schrecken_Licht


    Funny you mention killing a circuit breaker by running an argon laser....a couple of years ago I was running one of mine (BTW never noticed any color difference between a multi-line and a single line 488nm, probably because I've never run two of my argons at the same time, our electric bill is...
  12. Schrecken_Licht

    List - Existing Visible Wavelength Laser Diodes

    Re: List of Visible Wavelength - Laser Diodes I can't wait for the day that 488nm diodes are cheap and common - I'd love to be able to carry that beautiful blue-green classic argon wavelength around in a laser that I could fit in a pocket and hold in my hand! The only bad thing is that it will...
  13. Schrecken_Licht

    What is truly visible?

    When I had LASIK the laser had blinking green and red lights near the aperture, and the doctor told me to stare at the green light. Perhaps the laser in your case might have had a yellow light on it. I really don't recall seeing anything else other than the blinking light (and not much at all...
  14. Schrecken_Licht

    I'm back....

    Nice to know you guys remembered me! Actually I've been working hard at expanding my business (non-laser related & hasn't left me with much time at all to enjoy my lasers and converse with other laser enthusiasts) which has taken off like a rocket here in the last year or so. I finally hired...
  15. Schrecken_Licht

    Nice "Raygun" tribute...

    I found this blog post about the history of laser and ray guns in science fiction writing and film (and how well - or not, they compare to the real thing), all the way from H.G. Wells to the present. There's also a cool vid of a US Navy laser (not sure if this has been posted elsewhere as I...
  16. Schrecken_Licht

    I'm back....

    Just wanted to say hello again (to those "old timers" who remember me) and hello to those who don't. I've been absent for far too long and glad to be back!
  17. Schrecken_Licht

    Virginia laser enthusiast meet June 19th

    I'd like to but pretty doubtful - Richmond is 2.5hrs from me. I'd almost want to figure on a side trip to Kings Dominion but I'm going there later this summer with a friend.
  18. Schrecken_Licht

    The 50th anniversary is approaching...

    Unfortunately you can't read the main article here unless you are a subscriber (or buy the magazine on a news stand, which is what I intend to do soon!) but there are a couple of articles that are posted online for anyone to read: I am of course talking about the 50th anniversary of the very...
  19. Schrecken_Licht

    Gasdynamic laser rifle

    That's been around for quite sometime...I remember researching lasers back in the late 90's and coming across that file. If it was something that was remotely possible (and not dangerous to the user, as previously noted!) the military would have been on it a long time ago. Actually you don't...
  20. Schrecken_Licht

    Make Earth Hour LASER Hour!

    Around where I live you really wouldn't notice much in the way of extra darkness as there are no street lights and few people leave their porch lights on unless they are away. Generally it's plenty dark enough outside that w/o the moon you need a flashlight to see where you are going. The...