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  1. InfinitusEquitas

    Opus BT - C3100 V2.2 - Two Chargers, Two Failures

    Opus BT - C3100 V2.2 Intelligent Battery Charger-37.63 Online Shopping| GearBest.com Bought one of these charges a while back, and unfortunately one of ports stopped working. It does still work properly with three ports, but I consider that to be a failure. Bought another one, since I enjoyed...
  2. InfinitusEquitas

    Audiophiles and Travelers, Noise Cancelling, Bose QC35 Vs Sony MDR 1000x

    Have a pretty long flight coming up, and decided to for once, not cheap out, and get the best noise cancelling headphones I could, within reason. Ordered the Bose QC35, and have been using them for the past few days. The headset has a nice premium feel to it, is very light, almost disappearing...
  3. InfinitusEquitas

    The Rep System Is Not Moderated

    THE REP SYSTEM IS NOT MODERATED. The Reputation system is not subject to content moderation. Whether you received a positive rep, OR a negative rep, do not report it unless it is in direct violation to LaserPointerForums Terms of Service agreement. Specifically, this means unless it is a...
  4. InfinitusEquitas

    Oculus Rift/HTC Vive / VR in general?

    Just received a Samsung Gear today and gave it whirl using my Note 5. I have to say I'm extremely impressed. The 360 photos and some of the videos were fantastic. Some issues definitely left to work out though. Specifically made me feel kind of motion sick, and I don't get motion sick...
  5. InfinitusEquitas

    FS: Vinh Modded Flashlights, Black Friday Prices

    So it occurs to me a lot of my lights end up sitting around doing nothing. Nothing wrong with them, at most maybe a scuff or scratch from, but most are exactly the same as the day I received them. I guarantee 100% that the lights are fully functional, and will not be DOA. In fact most can...
  6. InfinitusEquitas

    LED Gloves? Any Glovers out there?

    So for Halloween I'm thinking of augmenting my lab coat with a lot of GTID, and highly refractive paint to induce seizures and complete my mad scientist look. In addition to this I've been toying around with the idea of LED gloves. Specifically these: Amazon.com: Raver Blacked Out Gloves RGB...
  7. InfinitusEquitas

    Fail Thread Malware?

    I keep getting an alert whenever I access the last page of the Fail Thread: http://laserpointerforums.com/f57/fail-thread-34457-96.html#post1261957 Here's a cropped screenshot:
  8. InfinitusEquitas

    Poll: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One

    Poll: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One It's that time finally... time for me to upgrade my annoying, big, slow phone :p Now I'm torn on which to get, the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC One. Both have their Pros, and Cons. So which would you pick? :thanks: for voting! Edit: I'd also appreciate...
  9. InfinitusEquitas

    [Cancelled - AVOID NIWALKER] Group Buy: Niwalker Vostro's XML2 or MTG2

    Unfortunately Niwalker has chosen to cancel the Group Buy citing complaints from other Niwalker vendors, and their MAP policy. Said MAP policy was never violated Niwalker is simply being retarded. Hey Guys, There is a group buy being organized on BLF, but I figured it might do well here as...
  10. InfinitusEquitas

    BlackShadow Darth Triple XMLu2 Flashlight for Sale!

    Ok guys, it's time for me to thin the ranks on my flashlights collection. All of these lights are 100% working, and I expect will last for ages. Blackshadow Darth - Brand new in both. Great light, excellent quality. I'd take it over an SRK anyday. This light has a mail tailcap switch, and...
  11. InfinitusEquitas

    Here We Go Again

    Unfortunately this happens to be only minutes away from me :mad: Authorities investigating laser pointers aimed at Newark-bound planes | NJ.com I think it would be great if the punishment also included having the turned on laser rectally implanted into the offender.
  12. InfinitusEquitas

    Fire-Foxes 4 Vs Fenix TK75 Battle of the BIG Lights

    Hey Guys :D Lately I've been more into flashlights than lasers. As with handheld lasers, so too with flashlights I find myself looking for the perfect light, and the more lights I get the pickier I become. At present I consider the Fenix TK75, and the Firefox 4 to be my brightest lights...
  13. InfinitusEquitas

    [SOLD] Flashlights Sale! Modded Skyray King

    Hi Guys, :wave: SOLD It's that time of the year again. Tax Season! :( :cryyy: :p That means you get to stock on some lights at a bargain prices, while I shore up my bank account just a little bit. All prices include paypal fees, but do not include shipping. In the US, shipping is $8 for...
  14. InfinitusEquitas

    Illumination Supply is doing a TM26 Giveaway!

    Illumination Supply is doing a TM26 Giveaway! If you don't mind, please use my referral link: Link
  15. InfinitusEquitas

    Flashlight Beamshots Collection

    I was outside late tonight, so grabbed my camera, a few lights and snapped a few pictures... these were done fairly fast so as not to alarm my neighbors :p My camera makes things look a whole lot brighter than they are... but the way the flashlights light things up should be easily apparent...
  16. InfinitusEquitas

    Buy / Sell / Trade Rules

    I'm sure the mods see this even more so, but lately we've had a number of people try to bypass these rules; http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/must-read-before-you-can-post-buy-sell-trade-board-74202.html Maybe it would be a good idea just to copy this thread/first post, into the General, and...
  17. InfinitusEquitas

    Gun Discussion

    In light of recent events, the issue of guns, gun violence, and gun control have been a very divisive subject. I brought up the issue, perhaps more controversially than necessary, in the "Win" thread. It's an interesting subject that I believe deserves further polite discussion. To kick this...
  18. InfinitusEquitas

    Automatic Picture Size Limit

    I'm not sure if this is feasible, but is it possible to automatically re-size linked pictures to a specific size, if they exceed normal size? I've see this done elsewhere but have no idea how it works.
  19. InfinitusEquitas

    [SOLD]FS: Wicked Lasers Krypton, 300mW+

    Hi Guys, FS: Wicked Lasers Krypton 500mW model. This laser used to retail for $500 for a 250mW+ model. Currently no other models except the 100mW+ are sold. I won't be asking anywhere near $500 though. :p The laser is in perfect condition, and it will come with a battery. While as some of...
  20. InfinitusEquitas

    Balder&Crelant 14500/AA Flashlights Also Thoughts, and Recommendations?

    So as I'm sure many of you are aware, there was recently a major hurricane up in the North East of the US. Skip below for the lights overview. _________________________________________________________________ I was fortunate in that I only lost power for literally a few hours, at night, and...