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    Laser Clearout. Lasers, diodes, hosts & more. Based in UK, will ship abroad

    I'm taking a break from the hobby and wouldn't want all my lasers to go to waste so I've decided to find them a new home. This is my first FS thread on LPF but I have done a few successful transactions with other members here so hopefully these shouldn't be any different My preference would...
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    Diode Pressing Tool

    Hi, was just wondering if anyone new whether or not a brass spacer, like this, would be suitable as a pressing tool. I was told that it would be fine by another laser enthusiast (not here) so just wanted to make sure before purchasing and putting it into application. Thanks in advance
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    Spam Threads

    Hi, over the last couple of days I've noticed 2 new members spamming other threads or creating new threads spamming their "businesses" I'm surely not the only one that finds it annoying. I'm a new member, so the last thing I want to do is try and tell anyone here what to do or even how to run...
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    WTB Diode Driver (not boost)

    Looking for a driver with a current of 150> mAh for a PHR diode. I have done my research and used the search bar below but haven't had much luck with drivers that are currently for sale (seen a few but from old threads) Would appreciate offers of drivers or suggestions on where to buy from...
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    Want To Buy: Custom Host

    Hi all, looking to purchase a host kit for around $40 + shipping to the UK. I am interested in any custom hosts or host kits (excluding 501b and Black C6, maybe interested in a polished C6) that can hold a 12mm module with a rectangular driver Thanks :beer:
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    PHR-805 405nm Diode

    Does anyone know anything about this diode? I'm looking for a cheap 405nm diode above 100mW and stumbled upon this but can't find any info or reviews on it
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    Host with good Heat sinking?

    I am after a cheap host with good heat sinking for a 405nm build. I was originally going to use a C6 host but I've read that the It has poor heat sinking. Looking for recommendations on hosts that have good heat sinking with a low price Thanks
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    Help needed for my first build

    Hi all, So I have decided to finally begin my first build after months of looking at custom builds and tutorials. I want to make a laser that costs no more that $100 (as it is my first build) So far I have thought about the following: C6 Host - Survival Laser...
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    Long Overdue Introduction

    Hi, I'm Stefan. I've been on the site for a few months now and have been a quite member until recently. I live in the UK. I have had a couple of lasers in the past (Odic Force 200mW & Cheap eBay green) but I think I am ready to move onto building my own now. I know there are a range of helpful...
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    LPM and Safety Goggles in the UK

    Hi all, I am looking for 445nm laser safety goggles that can be worn over glasses. I have seen the Eagle Pair on survivallasers but would prefer to purchase one from the UK purely for shipping times. I know cheap eBay goggles are no good so would like to buy a proper pair of goggles but ones...