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  1. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Lighting Fireworks with my 1W Lasers...Let me know what you think of the video.

    Lighting some fireworks, matches, and popping balloons with some of our high powered 1W lasers. :drool: Hope y'all enjoy the video :pop: Let me know what you guys think of the video and if you like it or if you think it sucks. Would love some +rep if the video is worthy/good enough :bowdown...
  2. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Drones!! Which Drones would you recommend? Name some

    Hey everyone, drones are becoming more and more popular. I'm starting to see some really cool videos of them which is making me want to buy one. But I am not sure which ones are the best to get. I would like one to get at least 10 min of flight time, preferably more. I would like one that...
  3. WorldsCoolestLasers

    40W Laser!!! How about this for some laser power!!

    40W Laser!!! How about this for some laser power?! :drool: :lasergun:
  4. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Laser Safety Glasses Demonstration Video

    https://youtu.be/Bk34kqLrSWY I did a quick video demonstration showing how laser safety glasses can help protect your eyes. I remember when I first started getting into the high powered lasers I had no clue there were even laser safety glasses out there lol :shhh: I seen a video on youtube...
  5. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Delete please...got double posted for some reason

    deleted because it was double posted by accident some how...sorry... **Please Delete** Thank u
  6. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Introducing myself from Tennessee

    Hi everyone!! :wave: I just wanted to introduce myself real quick since I haven't yet. I'm 33 years old. I work full time as an assembly technician making air conditioning/heating units for the Japanese car company "Nissan". I also have my own business selling self defense products such as...
  7. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Dumb Ways To Blind with Lasers...

    Who all has seen this video before? If you haven't seen it I think you will like it. Let me know what you guys think of it. :pop: I think it's educational... :anyone:
  8. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Memorial Day 2015 Burning Laser Pointer Video

    Happy Memorial Day Everyone!!! Thank You to all the Soldiers that have FALLEN so that we can STAND! :thanks:
  9. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Post FUNNY Laser Pics

    Let's have some fun and have a few laughs....
  10. WorldsCoolestLasers

    Burning a Brown Recluse Spider with Blue Laser

    https://youtu.be/1zBUl2q19Q0 :lasergun: