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  1. Nprlaser

    Sold! 1.4w 462nm 501b $120

    This is another laser I built. It uses the new blue diode that can emit 462nm light. Notice that this laser has slight wear on the edges of the host. Here are the Specs: Diode: Nichia Ndb7675 @ 2.4 amps Power output: ~2 watts Wavelength: 462nm-467nm (depends on the current) Host: 501b host...
  2. Nprlaser

    SOLD 1w 520nm handheld $400

    Today I'm selling my ~1 watt 520nm build for a decent chunk of money. I had this laser for a month and I need to sell it for savings funds. Please note that my laser power meter is about 15% off on reading the true power of any visible laser. For example if the meter reads 850mw the lasers...
  3. Nprlaser

    Hello from illinois!

    Though I have been on here for over a year, I never thought to introduce myself like the rest. So here I go :) My name is Noah I am from batavia, IL. I am 18 years old and I'm studying electrical engineering at waubonsee at sugar grove, il. I've experienced a handful of different wavelengths...
  4. Nprlaser

    de-windowed NDG700

    So, earlier today, I started to play around with my "Big Grass Hopper" build, which uses the NDG700, and the window of the diode suddenly got dirty for no reason. Well, I thought it was dirty, and i wish i had a picture of it. So i did my normal cleaning procedure: I grabbed a couple of cotton...
  5. Nprlaser

    "Big Grass Hopper" 850mw 520nm

    Little Grass Hopper 520nm So my "little grass hopper" got a pretty significant upgrade. :drool: Specs Diode: Ndg700 700mw 9mm 520nm Diode Wavelength: 520nm Amperage to diode: 1.8A (I think) Host: Ehgemus White powered Aluminum Operating Voltage: 5.5-8.4 I love this diode. It really fills in the...
  6. Nprlaser

    Fs: Little Grasshopper 170mw 520nm

    Little Grass Hopper 520nm Today I am selling my ehgemus/nprlaser build. Ehgemus built the host, I completed the rest. This is a great laser. It has a momentary side switch(does not light up) The host is "High Visiblity white" powdered aluminum. Specs Diode: Osram plp520b1 Wavelength: 520nm...
  7. Nprlaser

    170mw 520nm Ehgemus Host "Little Grass Hopper"

    Little Grass Hopper 520nm I bought another host from Ehgemus earlier this week and received it today. So what did I do? I added a green laser module from dtr and it makes a pretty nifty laser. Specs Diode: Osram plp520b1 Wavelength: 520nm Amperage to diode: 0.660A Host: Ehgemus White powered...
  8. Nprlaser

    Chicagoland laser head meet

    For all of those who live in the General Chicago land area, oahu99 and I are trying to compose a laser meet. This consists of members among the Chicagoland area to meet up in person and discuss, show off lasers, and share laser building techniques. I plan to do this meet around late September...
  9. Nprlaser

    Ehgemus 462nm Build Review

    Recently I bought a 462nm Laser from Ehgemus. And before I start talking about anything, here is a set of pictures of the laser he sent me being unboxed... . . . . ta da! Man, this laser is the best looking laser I have ever seen yet. I mean, just look at it, and i will...
  10. Nprlaser

    $240 467nm 1.87 watt 501b laser for sale!

    I'm i need of funds so I'm putting my 462nm build up for sale for a low price, I need car insurance money :/ my loss is your gain Specs Ndb7675 Diode in copper module 2.2amp survival laser driver blue anodized 501b host with a copper heatsink g-2 lens I'm asking $240 this laser must use...
  11. Nprlaser

    2W+ 445nm from Photonz

    Recently I did a trade with Photonz for his 2.3W 445nm Build for my 520nm Build. This laser is in a survival laser stainless steel host, using the 445nm 9mm diode running at 2.2-2.4-amps. The heat sink is copper. The lens is a g-2 glass lens for maximum power! Laser power readings: Photonz...
  12. Nprlaser

    55mW 532nm Viper Series

    Just got a nice toy from Dragon Lasers. This laser is rated for 55mW, but since it is a cni module laser, the power is slightly over-spec as usual. I love the gold plating on the metal parts of the laser! Good job DL! I was going to buy a more powerful pen but they were out of stock, so the 55mW...
  13. Nprlaser

    Bank error got me a free laser?

    So recently I ordered a 55mw viper green laser from dragon lasers for a total of $127 including shipping. The first time I tried to place the order the bank declined it and wanted verification, so I did and then reordered. It then appeared that dragon lasers gave me $127 before taking out $127...
  14. Nprlaser

    Cheap and reliable host from member?

    I have a 9mm 462nm diode in a module and I want a better host than a c6. Because those small heatsinks won't do me any good, my current laser heats up too fast and i want a better host with a better heat sink. My paypal is broken and I'm willing to pay a good amount of money through bitcoin. The...
  15. Nprlaser

    120mw 635nm brass laser pointer

    I took some scrap parts for my new 635nm laser pointer. This laser uses the opnext 120mw 635nm diode and a flexdrive to support a little under 3 volts. The batteries used are two radioshack rechargeable triple a's. I'm quite amazed with the power output with two small batteries and a g-2 lens...
  16. Nprlaser

    170mw 520nm handheld $200! batteries & charger included!

    I'm finally selling my 200ish milliwatt osram plp520 b1 diode in polished c6 host for $180, batteries and charger are included. Here are the specs. Osram plp520 b1 Microboost drive set to 650ma, thermal paste is applied to it for extra heat sinking, helps a lot! Batteries are 3.0v Tenergy...
  17. Nprlaser

    Back for sale! 1.7 watt 467-470nm Handheld

    Before you think this price is a little extreme, I don't blame you at all, considering that this laser cost me over $380 to build, I'm starting the price high and I'm willing to work my way down for the perfect deal. I want $460 for it. This laser uses the 9mm NDB7678 diode running at 2.2...
  18. Nprlaser

    Compatible Flashlight hosts?

    Does anybody know of flashlight hosts that are compatible for the standard survival lasers heat sink, other than the c6 and s4 host? I have been looking on amazon and I'm trying to find a normal flashlight that can be disassembled to fit a laser heat sink.
  19. Nprlaser

    462nm NDB7675 Handheld

    Finally, I got my hands on this rare-ish Blue laser diode. This is the Nichia NDB7675 462nm Laser diode at about 1.5-1.9 watts(not sure, still don't have a lpm) Once I received the diode in the mail I immediately fired it up at about .15 amps and I already could tell this blue is much brighter...
  20. Nprlaser

    200mW+ 520nm Handheld OSRAM PLP520-B1

    I'm happy to share the newest member to the laser family. A week ago I talked to DTR about the Osram PLP520-B1, though of course you know where the 200mw will be coming from, and I got my hands on Osram's newest laser diode. Here what it boils down to: This diode is driven at 550mA so it's...