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    WTB: 13mm and 16mm Heat Sinks

    Hey guys! I have been working on a project and to get a longer run time I could use a few heatsinks. I saw a few on ebay from china but I really needed them ASAP. I am looking for two with an ID of 13mm and two with an ID of 16mm. Preferably finned. Paypal payment. Thank you!
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    Recommended Hot Air Rework Station?

    Hey guys, I am buying a hot air rework station in the near future. Do any of you guys have experience with any of them and have recommendations? Thanks A
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    Cheap 904/905nm laser

    Hey guys. I am looking for a cheap 904/905nm to mess with people with. You may ask why would you use a ir laser to mess with people? Well I drive 1200 highway miles a week and I always use a v1 radar detector. It's sensitive enough where cheaper "cobra" and off brand radar detectors will it...
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    Building a Red Laser. Suggestions/Critique of Parts

    Hey, its been a while since I've built a laser (over a year and a half). I didn't want to spend a bunch of money right now. I threw together a parts list and I was hoping I could get some critiques and suggestions on it. So I am looking to do a ~650nm pen build around 100-200mW. -Host: This...
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    Jet Laser 532nm PL-C 250mw - SOLD

    Hi LPF, I am selling one of my lasers that I've had stashed away for quite some time. It is a 532nm Jet Laser PLC-250mW that I bought from one of the group buys. This was metered at 322mw before it was shipped to me though the group buy, although I do not have a LPM to tell me exactly where...
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    Been away for a while whats new?

    Hey guys I've been out of laser land for a while and kinda want a new toy. I'm thinking a of building a pen sized 445nm or 450nm. Anything new happen in the last year or so I should be thinking about? Any new cool 10440 hosts out there?
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    Recommendations for small run pcb mfg?

    Hey LPF I am working on a project that I am going to need some pcbs for. (2 layer about 3" by 4"). I have never have had boards made for myself and was curious if anyone out there had any recommendations? I was looking at batch pcb but their turn around time is around a month. Thanks Udanis
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    [Sold] FS or Trade: ~800mw 445nm 18650 Jayrob Host

    Hey lpf tonight I have another laser that I'm putting up for sale/trade. This laser was built around this host: http://laserpointerforums.com/f64/fs-18650-build-kit-easy-assembly-445nm-blu-ray-red-43857.html This is that host, with copper heatsink, "hot option" set around 900ma, and ez...
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    [Sold]~520mW 12x 405nm 18650 Laser For Sale

    Hey guys, I've been out of the laser game for a while and think it is time to get rid some of my higher powered lasers. What I have for lpf today is a 12x 18650 sized laser. It was built by DTR, I would say around a year ago. It has very little use and is over all in good shape. The host...
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    FS: 2x PHR-803T diodes with Aixiz Modules

    This for sale are 2 PHR-803T diodes profession removed from the sled and packaged by stonetek lasers and 2 axis modules. These diodes have never been used and they are directly out of a sled. They still are in their heat-skinks with the ribbon cable attached. 2x 100mW 405nm PHR-803T...
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    FS: 250mw PL-C, 520mw 12x and stuff.

    Hey guys. I have a bunch of stuff so I am just going to list one picture for each item and a description. I will ship internationally, but it is at the buyers own risk. Paypal and USPS money orders are great for payment. ***Jet Laser PL-C 250mw @532nm metered this at around 320mw before it...
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    New Wicked Laser Product

    Check it out: Wicked Lasers's Photos - Wall Photos | Facebook
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    Good Dealings with Tech_Junkie

    Hey guys. I'll just make it short and to the point. I recently purchased a host from TJ. ( this guy although he removed the op http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/sold-58982.html ) He shipped the host promptly and it was packed well. He also included some cracked uranium marbles as a surprise...
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    Make A Battery For S3 Arctic

    This may seem kinda basic, but according to google analytics I received a fair number of hits to my website of people who are looking for Arctic batteries and battery upgrades. This orginally appeared on my website at and has been slightly modified for posting here...
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    Our Buddy Is Back Playing With Lasers

    I know how much the population here loves KIPKAY, so I figured you guys would want to know about his new video involving lasers right? <sarcasm> YouTube - Laser Guided Slingshot! Fortunately it looks low powered. --Udanis
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    Change Has Not Come To Price Angels

    Right now I’m a bit behind on my review, but this laser has had my attention for a while. I was able to test this laser a week or so ago on a Coherent Power Meter here at university. Here is my review of the “250mw Mini Flashlight Style Adjust Focus Blue-Violet Laser Pointer” from...
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    $200 - 470mw 532nm PriceAngles Laser

    This seems like a heck of a deal to me, if it really does output 470mw. Although the laser in the LPM picture doesn't appear to be the same: The one in the picture looks like the new o-like host. 500mw Flashlight Style Green Laser Pointer with Safety Lock(1*18650 Battery) $194.37 Free Shipping...
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    Nitrox Lasers

    Hey I noticed a new ad on this website for a company called nitrox lasers. They looked like diy lasers that are being marketed commercially. It looks like the owner lives at 2327 Stokes Street 95128 White paged that: Adram Mitsel 2327 Stokes St San Jose, CA 95128-4263 I also whois searched...
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    Recommended Flood-to-Throw Light?

    Hey. Besides playing with lasers I also geocache ( Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site ) and often find my self in the woods in the dark seeming a lot lol. Currently I have a 2X AA Led Mag Light and this guy ( DealExtreme: $11.33 X2000 Flood-to-Throw Zooming Glass Optics Cree...
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    Eye Floaters and Lines

    So I've been noticing those ghost like black blobs and those random translucent lines in my field of vision. I've read a bit about this and read that these don't pose too serious of a threat unless the obstruct a lot of you vision. Do these go away after a certain amount of time? How long do...