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  1. JReeeVe

    SOLD : 1.86W 445nm In Silver Or Black WF-501B Host - Full Kit - $165 only

    Re: For Sale : 2.3W + 445nm Silver WF-501B This is by far one of the nicest hosts i have seen here. it is unique and i love it. Considering buying this right now, i have money, but i must resist.
  2. JReeeVe

    UK customs and lasers

    This might help: http://laserpointerforums.com/f53/actual-laser-laws-country-53770.html It could be picked up by customs, depending on laser laws
  3. JReeeVe

    SOLD 600mW 532nm Green WL original Spyder III

    Re: 600mW 532nm Green WL original Spyder III I want one of these so badly but they are always too expensive. I love the host, but I also hear terrible reviews about any Arctic Spyder laser
  4. JReeeVe

    Various lasers and flashlights - ALL SOLD

    Re: For Sale: Lasers and flashlights I want to reserve that arctic from you. I will buy it today. Please don't sell it.
  5. JReeeVe

    SOLD: 9mm Stainless Steel 445nm laser w/GTID (2.6W typical) $335 OBO (Video Added)

    Re: FS: 9mm Stainless Steel 445nm laser w/GTID (2.6W output typical) $335 OBO That's out of a price range for me, but I love that build. The host is awesome and it's got a nice finish. Also love 445 nm Wish I could afford it
  6. JReeeVe

    PGL 532nm peaks over 800 mW!! FS

    Honestly, I would love to have a laser in this host. How can I get a custom build in this host for a decent price? This laser you are selling is awesome, but it is out of a price range for me.
  7. JReeeVe

    SOLD... Artic SpyderIII 1W 445nM + LaserBees

    Re: Artic SpyderIII 1W 445nM + LaserBees I want this, sell me JUST the Arctic SpyderIII :D I have no idea what that USB thing does, honestly lol
  8. JReeeVe

    For sale : 501B lasers with copper heatsink from $80

    Re: For sale: NEW 1W-2W 445nm 501B lasers from $110 I'm interested. These hosts are awesome. Ill be sending you a PM soon about this.
  9. JReeeVe

    noob first build 3w 445

    I'd love to see pictures and what not. I am very interested in building a laser, but I have no idea where to start and I have ZERO knowledge of builds. Honestly, I registered here to learn about lasers and to make purchases and I haven't learned much about actually building them.
  10. JReeeVe

    Would these glasses protect against a 2W Blue?

    Thank you guys. I guess i will invest in an Eagle pair from survival laser :D They are like 42.00 Anybody know the shipping times in the US ?
  11. JReeeVe

    does this is too powerful?

    Would those goggles really work? They are under 10$ so i would buy like 5 pairs for friends who would be around me during my laser use.
  12. JReeeVe

    You think lasers are a for fun?

    I think lasers are fun, if you take the proper safety precautions first. Proper eye protection is a primary need when using lasers, in my opinion. Lasers are dangerous to the eye, and i honestly am afraid of having one in the house, because if one of my friends, family members, or animals got...
  13. JReeeVe

    Xbox 360 | XBL | Who plays?

    If anybody wants to add me, JReeeVe is my gamertag I have Halo, Call of Duty, and more. I enjoy playing :D
  14. JReeeVe

    NEW 1.5-2.5W 445nm Blue/Black Ice/Flash Freeze Lasers FREE US Shipping

    Re: New 1-2W 445nm Flash Freeze Lasers starting at $110 free US shipping Can't wait to complete my trade with you :D These lasers look awesome, and i want to be able to get my hands on one, so badly. Also, i might be able to have some sort of partnership with you, selling on a different...
  15. JReeeVe

    Gun Discussion

    This is true. I'd just rather not recieve negative reputation. But yes, i shall keep it up. :D
  16. JReeeVe

    Gun Discussion

    I personally think that we have our rights as U.S. Citizens. How is somebody going to try to go against what is in the Bill of Rights? It is there for a reason. I am only 18 but i do somewhat understand this issue. A lot of my family owns numerous amounts of weapons from handguns to rifles and...
  17. JReeeVe

    Would these glasses protect against a 2W Blue?

    Well itll be like 1.5W Basically :P I want the best of the best, without paying a ton. I saw pictures of the Eagle pair, they were orange. That what you talking about? IF so, got a link to an official sale?
  18. JReeeVe

    Would these glasses protect against a 2W Blue?

    Blue Green Violet Laser Diode Protection Goggles Glasses 445nm 405nm 532nm | eBay I want to get a 1.5-2W Blue 445nm Laser, and a member said they would. If i could figure out how to link his profile for the help, i would, lol. Thanks Buttonzz Just wanted to make sure before i bought them.
  19. JReeeVe

    2Watt 450nm Laser Flashlight -- Lazerpoint

    May i ask what kind of glasses do you use? I want to buy a good pair that do not cost much, but they need to protect my eyes. PM me? I really need to order a pair before i order my laser.
  20. JReeeVe

    Burning matches with 2W Kryton Smooth

    That was pretty awesome, can't lie. I wish i still had my laser. I had one similar to yours, the host was slightly different. I can't wait to get my hands on my new one and im gonna have so much fun with it :D