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    Low divergence FAC corrected Red combiner modules

    Hey everyone. Havn't posted in some time. I was going through my shop and have some prototype laser combiners that may be of interest. These are low divergence lasers that use the P73 fac corrected diodes. The diodes are special made by lasertree and not the ones they have on ebay. The...
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    Anybody know about the Mitsubishi ML562G18?

    Anybody have info on this ebay diode? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mitsubishi-ML562G18-9mm-Red-638nm-635nm-1-8W-1800mw-Laser-Diode-Tin-Pin/312409083995?hash=item48bd08505b:g:h8MAAOSwcdxcBAKy:rk:7:pf:0
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    9mm 500mW 520nm Info?

    Anyone seen one of the 500mW greens in action? I am curious if the emitter/ beam properties are the same as the NDG700 and NDG7475. When the 1W 445 diodes came out a less popular 500mW version was out as well. The 500mW 445 had half the emitter dimension as the 1W. Just wondering if the...