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  1. SSilver44

    Can’t pick between a 0.7W 520nm and 1.4W 465nm

    (So sorry if this is in a wrong section) Hey there LPF! Haven’t been here in a long while. So yesterday my laser hobby started to come up more. And I currently own a Sanwu pocket 500mW 445nm. And it is starting to look a little...weak by now. So now I need a new(er) laser. And I found out that...
  2. SSilver44

    Sanwu's 445nm 500mW G7 lens Pocket series laser review!

    I am really sorry for the flipped pictures, right click on them and click open image in new tab to see the images normally. Goddamn LPF... This is my first real laser review, so please go easy on me :thanks: Anyways, onto the review!! Waiting period. I ordered the laser on November 5th, it...
  3. SSilver44

    Welcome from Estonia!

    Hello everyone! My name is Silver and I recently got pretty interested in lasers. I quickly found this forum and it has given me lots of great advice about lasers. But I still have a question. I have owned many 5mw lasers (I even accidentally modded one green to burn by removing one lens) and...