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  1. Mathewe

    Diode Driver and power supply Tuning

    Hypothetical question, just out of curiosity. When working with laser diodes... should all of the circuitry driving that diode 'all' be 'tuned' to operate at the same wavelength/frequency as the diode's outputted wavelength? IE. If I have a 445nm diode, should my driving circuitry be tuned to...
  2. Mathewe


  3. Mathewe

    Linear vs Switching Power Supplies

    Are laser drivers circuits, and the diodes, themselves, sensitive to 'noise' produced by their input power source? I'm currently using a switching power supply, which is obviously a bit noisy... and now wondering if I would notice any difference, in laser performance, if I went to a linear power...
  4. Mathewe

    Safety Eye Protection vs. RGB Laser Combinations

    I currently have proper eye protection for my blue laser, and also for my green laser... and I wear the proper set of glasses for the proper wavelength laser that I am working with, however. I'm wanting to play around with RGB, all lasers firing at the same time, all lasers operating at...
  5. Mathewe

    DTR G8 Lens...???

    I've purchased two diode packages from Dtr's Laser Shop... both of them with G8 lenses. If I'm correct, the G8 has a rather long focal length, which is what I want, however. Just 'what' does the 8 mean? For example. I'm currently having great fun in lighting matches, at ever increasing...
  6. Mathewe

    Detecting Potential Reflection Hazards

    My boss just purchased a 'Hand-Held' laser 'WELDING' system ( bad idea, IMHO... via the education/quality of the typical class of help that he hires). The manufacture's instructions loosely state SERIOUS cautions/warnings concerning safety, but don't properly disclose anything but 'minimum'...
  7. Mathewe


    I just wrapped up my first session in firing/tinkering with a 3.5w NDB7A75 diode with a DTR-G-8 lens. This is my 'first' high power diode laser. It's actually my first 'laser' diode, period! Anyways. I made a half-arsed dump out of a piece of metal tubing a metal endcap fitted to the back of the...
  8. Mathewe

    LPM Options

    While I'm eyeballing a few commercially available LPM's... I'm also wondering if there are any descent, 'proven' DIY builds that would be dependable and accurate enough for an entry level hobbyist, such as myself. I'm typically a DIY sort of guy, but not so sure about this one. I'm having a hard...
  9. Mathewe

    Getting my Feet Wet, First DIY Diode Laser Setup

    I'm now 'all in', with DTR's Laser Shop, and a 3.5w/445nm bench build using an NDB7A75 diode, Super X-Driver set @ 3.6 amps... a DTR-G-8 glass lens, and a 25mm copper module. I'll be driving this system with a mid-grade hobby style programmable bench power supply. Can't wait until the mailman...
  10. Mathewe

    First project, putting together a shopping list

    I'm ready to get my feet wet with this laser thing. My first project will be building an adjustable table upon which I can attach a bench mounted laser, along with the ability to mount 'other' needful goodies onto the said bench. This will be a simple 'test-bed' designed to familiarize myself...
  11. Mathewe

    Laser Dumps

    I'm wanting to build an effective laser dump. Anyone have any proven suggestions for effective and proper design?
  12. Mathewe

    Newbie Question

    If a laser reads one watt on the LPM, what would 'two' identical lasers read if both dots were focused in the same spot? Would the LPM read 2 watts, or would some form of relativity kick in and the LPM show only 1 watt? What if the dots were spread out and not focused in the same spot?
  13. Mathewe

    Does wave-length/color make a difference?

    I've read that wave-length and color makes no difference in the potentials of a laser, it's all about power. Is this actually true? Different colors are made from different wave-lengths. Do those long/short wave-lengths not act differently in the big picture of energy and potential? Let's use...
  14. Mathewe

    Testing Laser Safety Glasses

    Prior to joining this forum, I purchased a pair of safety glasses that claim to have an OD of 6+ and are also 'supposedly' good at a wave length of 405nm (the same wave length of the two lasers that I also purchased on ebay, at the same time). After later doing a bit of reading, and watching...
  15. Mathewe

    "Greetings All!"

    Hello everyone! I'm a bit old in the world, but new to this laser thing. I have a lot to learn before I get going and I wish to start with safety, first. I have some questions. 1)... How can I test my safety glasses/goggles to insure that they are properly advertised and truly safe for the...