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  1. Lasermodder

    AixiZ Shipping

    Hello everyone! This might be an odd question but I figured I would ask here. I ordered something off of Aixis.com a few days ago with overnight shipping but have not heard anything since. I sent an email and tried calling them but got no response. Reviews for this site have been very positive...
  2. Lasermodder

    WTB CNI 589nm Yellow Laser Pen

    Hello, I have found these for sale through a few reseller websites, but am not really sure as to the quality of these and the shipping times are extremely slow due to them all shipping from overseas. I’m willing to pay more than they are found online if anyone here is willing to sell one...
  3. Lasermodder

    Forums Activity

    Hello! I am trying to find some of the Wicked Lasers E3 series, but am not getting much traction on my post here. Is the selling/buying community active elsewhere as well? Trying to collect some of this old stuff is proving to be harder than I thought. Thanks in advance!
  4. Lasermodder

    WTB "Dilda" Laser Pens

    Hello, I am on the hunt for the old 2010 era dealextreme red and purple lasers. They were rated at 200mw and were very popular in the late 2000's early 2010's. Attached are photos of the specific versions I am looking for. They have a very distinct half domed top. I am also including a link to...
  5. Lasermodder

    WTB Wicked Lasers Handhelds

    Hello everyone! It has been many years since I have been active here, but I am trying to replace missing parts of my old collection and thought I would give this a shot. I am trying to Find the following from Wicked Lasers Sonar Elite Blu Ray laser (405nm) E3 (any color or mw) Lunar, Inferno...
  6. Lasermodder

    Sharp 50mw Green Laser Pointer

    Sold! :D
  7. Lasermodder

    SOLD! 100mw 405 10-20mw 532 MIDDLE MAN NEEDED

    Sold, I need a trusted middle man to go in between the lasers, and the money, if anyone could help out, that would be great.
  8. Lasermodder

    I'm Back!

    Hello! I have been out of the hobby for over a year now. The reason for leaving was I was getting into keeping a rather odd creature, know as the blue spotted ribbontail ray, I have a 370 gallon tank, and that cost a lot of money and time I could not put into lasers. Recently, I have changed my...
  9. Lasermodder

    WTB: Arctic Spyder 3

    Hi, yes its been a LONG time, but I am back and better than ever! Now I have done a little digging, and I am looking at a very cool build, that will use all of the origonal arctic laser parts. (no I am not saying what it is) but i still need to pick one of these up, I am hoping to get one the...
  10. Lasermodder

    WTB Red Dilda Laser

    I am looking for a red old style unopened dilda laser. I would prefer a US seller. :)
  11. Lasermodder

    Mac vs PC

    Self explanatory...
  12. Lasermodder

    Who else is a saltwater aquarium hobbyist?

    As some may know, I have a 75 gallon saltwater fish tank complete with a blue tang A yellow belly blue tang And a blue spotted ribbontail ray THESE ARE NOT MY PICTURES. I will post pictures of mine soon. If you have a saltwater tank, feel free to share! :yh:
  13. Lasermodder

    14x Blu-Ray Burners

    Well it looks like the 14x burners are out, I have found manny sites selling them for around the same price. (Newegg, Amazon, ect) And they are all about $135 after shipping. Now all we got to do is wait and see who the first one will be to buy one and tear it apart! (I am hoping for 1W of 405.)
  14. Lasermodder

    FS 500mw 635 "The Android Finger" $125

  15. Lasermodder

    Arctic for Spartan

    Closed! :)
  16. Lasermodder

    WL Arctic Spyder 3

    Thread Closed: More info here
  17. Lasermodder

    Smartswitch Fix for Arctic and Krypton

    Has your arctic or kryptons smartswitch chipped? Can you no longer see that power symbol? Is it now just a lit up blob? Well then I have the fix for you! I have created a way to make it look good as new. This is a custom designed sticker to put right on top of the SS button. This will soon be...
  18. Lasermodder

    UPS Sucks

    I was upstairs when I heard the UPS truck come, and stop in front of my house. I thought "YAY MY PACKAGE IS HERE". So I go downstairs knowing I had to sign for it. I see him get out of the truck with the package and walk up to my front door. When he gets here he THROWS MY PACKAGE AT THE DOOR AND...
  19. Lasermodder

    1W Laser For Cheep

  20. Lasermodder

    Power Rock 1W Blue for Arctic Spyder 3