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  1. mmykle

    Host with fins

    Has anyone used this flashlight host before? I'm trying to find a host that has fins on it... more for look then functionality as I doubt they would dissipate that much heat.
  2. mmykle

    Laser Warning Signs From White Sands

    The dad of my friend Tyler is a bat biologist and occasionally does work for white sands regarding... bat stuff, I don't really know. Anyways, Tyler saw some warning signs were they were camping out and took pictures of them. He sent them to me because he knew I liked lasers lol. So the first...
  3. mmykle

    Old PS3 lasers

    Hey guys, I have one of those old PS3 laser sleds lying around (Remember when those were popular? ;D) and was wondering what driver could power it that takes 1.5V. If memory serves me right they take 38mA, but none of the existing drivers go that low and operate at 1.5V. However... I could be...
  4. mmykle

    Visa gift card FROM HELL

    I recently received one of those "Visa Gift Cards" that was worth $30. I went to buy $29.95 worth of games on steam but it didn't work. I went to check my balance online and it was $29. Wierd, I thought, so I went to try again but removed a $.99 game. Once again it didn't work and now my account...
  5. mmykle

    Steam Games Sale!

    I just saw that steam is selling EVERY SINGLE GAME in their store for 10% off or more. Bioshock and Portal are both under $5!!!! Here's a link to there website if you don't know what steam is.
  6. mmykle

    Waterproof Laser Build

    So I've always wanted to build a water proof laser out of these old flashlights I had lying around and I finally got around to doing it yesterday. The flashlight in question is this "freebee" that my Mom got from work, I don't think you can buy them at Target or anything. It's covered in this...
  7. mmykle

    Do you like my website?

    I created this website for a school project a few weeks ago and was wondering what you guys think of it. The point of the project is to 1. Realize how easy it is to publish your opinion/views to the public and 2. Assess what "Marketing Strategy" you used worked the best (How come you got the...
  8. mmykle

    Help! My batteries arn't charging!

    I have a PHR running on a flex drive in a dorcy jr. set up so I'm using CR123 batteries to power it. The batteries that the dorcy came with worked fine for two weeks or so, then just stopped working abruptly because the voltage dropped too low (or maybe they couldn't supply enough amps?). I...
  9. mmykle

    Do my saftey glasses work?

    I was using my bluray to test out burning some stuff a little while ago and I had my glasses on that I got from Nova. It says they are OD 6 for 190-532nm but after a while my eyes started to hurt. When burning with my green laser this never happens, and the dot from green seems a lot dimmer then...
  10. mmykle

    Broken x-100?

    I have had my x-100 for a while, and a while ago I did something to it and the beam is kind of scattered. While there is still a dot and beam, both of which are nice and bright, around the dot there is a significant amount of clutter. It can burn a lot of things still, but it doesn't light...
  11. mmykle

    I think I'm retarded

    Ok, I'm not retarded, but I'm sure confused as hell. I know people have reputation points, you either have a good reputation or a bad one. However for the life of me I can't figure out how to give or take away points from someone... can someone help me figure this out?
  12. mmykle

    DIY flashlights

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but I suppose this section will do. I remember seeing a youtube video a long (long, long, long) time ago of a flashlight lighting newspaper. I never thought much about it, but now that I got into the whole laser hobby thing I decided to venture out and...
  13. mmykle

    SenKat and StoneTek

    Hello, I have never purchased anything from SenKat famous StoneTek electronics laser diode supply. I never did because soon after I found out about it, SenKat seemed to go insane or something (although he had good reason... kinda ::)). However, the site is still up and people are still talking...
  14. mmykle

    What is your favorite laser color?

    Lets just pretend for a second that you could get any laser color you wanted at any power for free. In other words, power and price don't matter right now. With that in mind, please answer the following poll. It would be interesting to see what people like. (Please try and avoid the 'other'...
  15. mmykle

    X-75 or X-100?

    I sent back my X-15 to Novalasers because although it was fun, it was useless. So, whenever I get my rebate I am going to have to decide on what laser I should get with my $99 rebate. I am unsure weather or not I should get a X-75 or an X-100 :-/. I have the money for both, and don't care (that...
  16. mmykle

    Nova Lasers Exchange

    Hi everyone, my Dad recently bought me a X-15 from Novalasers as a Christmas gift. I love the laser, don't get me wrong, but I would like to exchange it for a better one. I have contacted the company through phone and by email however they have yet to respond to me. I looked through there...
  17. mmykle

    Another newcomber :)

    Hi everyone! I'm knew on these forums, I got here by googleing DIY lasers. Is it possible to make a green laser? Or is that hard to do considering theres no actual diode that can emit 490–560 nm? Anywho... I hope I get to know you all :D