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  1. ZRaffleticket

    618nm Cryo Laser - More Orange for me!

    Hey everyone. I filled another gap in my collection, just in time for Halloween! Does anybody remember Stephan aka farbe2's thread from last year on cryo cooling a red diode into orange? I bought one off him. Finally after some revisions, I have a fully functioning unit tuned to 618nm (we...
  2. ZRaffleticket

    I Bought My First HeNe

    It's 612nm. My first HeNe is a 612nm. I feel like in some way I've failed this hobby for doing that. Regardless, when I said I made a few crazy purchases, I made a few crazy purchases. I also bought this beauty off of Sam and Phil. This is a fairly healthy one for orange, putting out 3.5mW...
  3. ZRaffleticket

    100mW 457nm DPSS Laser

    Hey, The 577 isn't the only new toy I got recently. I took a small break away from that one while I try figuring out how to color correct videos... that isn't going so well. In the meantime, say hello to a 457nm DPSS laser! This (I believe) is the 457-ST-I by Sintec Optronics. As for how old it...
  4. ZRaffleticket

    Finally... I own a 2W 577nm!

    Hey all, it's been a long time coming, this has been on my list for years. Finally taking the opportunity to brag share the 577nm that showed up at my door a couple hours ago. I absolutely love it. I'm usually not one to typically chase high power - sure I have a few 1W+ powered diodes - but...
  5. ZRaffleticket

    Dead DL Spartan? Let me buy it!

    All I want to get out of this is a working tailcap. The one on my 589 is beyond my repair, so I'm hoping somebody has a dead 447 or 532 sitting around in a junk bin. PM me offers, I'm not the most active anymore so I may take a day or two to respond.
  6. ZRaffleticket

    2W 484nm Diode

    Hey everybody, I got something crazy again. After over 10 years in the hobby I finally managed to get my hands on my dream laser. I spent some time talking with @Phillip here about some odd laser diodes he can get his hands on, and our discussion drifted in the direction that I already have a...
  7. ZRaffleticket

    Sharp 395nm GH0393AA2G

    Hi everyone, I bought myself a few of these just to have them in the collection. Unfortunately these are exceptionally un-interesting, unlike most other new wavelengths. Just sharing/compiling some info for those who have seen them floating around. First off, they are multimode: And second...
  8. ZRaffleticket

    559nm Build in Vintage Flashlight

    Hi again, looks like I was late to the party on the 559nm lasence posts. I've had this for a while now and finally got around to getting decent pictures. I've had the host even longer... failed experiment between Rich (Lifetime17) and I with the OPT modules. I've always wanted to use this one...
  9. ZRaffleticket

    200mW 375nm UV Build

    Hi everyone. I got my hands on a couple new toys... some 375nm UV laser diodes. First and foremost... don't expect these to suddenly start flowing in like the sharp diodes did. This find was lucky; and that's all there is to it. I'm on a couple mailing lists for diodes - every now and then...
  10. ZRaffleticket

    WTB: Handheld 473

    Hey everyone, I noticed jetlasers and dragonlasers don't offer handheld 473's anymore. Anybody have one they're willing to sell? I already have a 473 labby but I've been meaning to get that portable spot filled. (sorry jnrpop!)
  11. ZRaffleticket

    Cheap OLike/LPS RGB Handheld

    Hey LPF - got an interesting laser to talk about today. The 7-color RGB handheld laser... I couldn't find a name or manufacturer, but you can find it on both laserpointerstore ($299) and o-like ($269). At the time I bought it, LPS was having their black friday sale at 20% off, so I paid $239 for...
  12. ZRaffleticket

    Smash Ultimate Thread

    Anybody around here play smash ultimate for the Nintendo Switch? I've been itching to play some new people. Shoot me a friend request so we can play! If there's any sort of traction here I can use the first post to organize friend codes... SW-3021-3498-2915 | zraffleticket | Snake / Toon Link...
  13. ZRaffleticket

    WTB: 561nm or 565nm

    Title says it all... Anybody have a 561 or 565 they aren't particularly fond of?
  14. ZRaffleticket

    Orange 607nm 170mW kvant Labby

    607nm 170mW kvant Lab Laser Yes. PURE Orange. It all started here... ...Yup. The color: The best way I can descibe it is juicy. This is a very saturated orange color with no bleeding into red or yellow. Pure. Orange. I will say however those of us with 589's can play around with some...
  15. ZRaffleticket

    rOy g. biv

    I finally got it. Stay tuned...
  16. ZRaffleticket

    Waterproof ebay 488

    Hi guys, quick review on one of the cheap 488 options available on ebay. A couple weeks ago, I got a notification that there was a $45 488 handheld for sale... I figured it was listed incorrectly and took a shot at it to see if they'd honor it. Turns out, after buying they took down the listing...
  17. ZRaffleticket

    502nm Diode in BadBoyBilly Host

    Getting on a roll with these well-deserved reviews... Up today is a build I've had for a long time now that I needed to make some repairs to. One of the original 505nm diodes in one of the original hosts made by badboybilly here. The diode in this host is a bit rare being a case neutral 505...
  18. ZRaffleticket

    The TG430 - 55mW 430nm laser diode

    Hello once again! I got myself something really unique to show off this time around. Presenting... ████████████████████████████████████ █░░░░░███░░░░███░██░██░░░████░░░████ ███░████░███████░██░█████░██░███░███ ███░████░███░░██░░░░███░░░██░███░███ ███░████░████░█████░█████░██░███░███...
  19. ZRaffleticket

    488nm WL Nano Build

    Hi again, got my last build of these new diodes done (for now at least). Around a year ago, I was looking for a WL nano host for cheap to put a 488nm diode into. This was long before the sharp 488's were out, but when we knew they were coming. After a few PM's, another member has graciously...
  20. ZRaffleticket

    565nm DPSS labby

    Let me get this out of the way at the start - this is definitely DPSS. Looking down the barrel shows a square object glued in front of the diode, and the other member who measured his has a very low Vf on the diode. And the final nail in the coffin, this does not have the beam specs of a diode...