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  1. rancor

    O-Like or Rayfoss(Quilfound?) 150mW Green

    I have been looking at green lasers recently and I am looking for a 150mW pointer and I came across the one on Rayfoss. http://www.rayfoss.com/pro_info.asp?id=1473(Like the look) I e-mailed him to ask about power and got back this "Hello,Thanks for your inquiry! The average power out put is...
  2. rancor

    Looking For a Blue-Ray DLL driver values

    Well i am sitting here with my new laser diode and heatsink and thinking. The flexdrives wont be in for a long time and I want to play with it now ::) so I am looking for a blue ray DLL driver for a 9V battery( I am hoping for an out put of around 100ma). I thought I saw a topic on this...
  3. rancor

    My first "blue" laser

    Well I have been looking around and I am thinking of making a blue ray laser and I wanted to get some peoples opinions on my ideas. I was thinking of MXDL 3405 host 10440 batteries rkcstr Micro-Drive (low-range) I am thinking of this driver so I could use it for more than just burning jayrob...