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  1. Alexizupinhea

    WTB Showwx Cables or Battery

    Hey guys, I'm looking for spare Showwx cables or batteries if anyone has. Mainly I'm just interested in a composite cable like this: Amazon.com: Replacement Composite Cable for MicroVision SHOWWX/SHOWWX+: Electronics which I will buy unless anyone has a better price, more cables, or else the VGA...
  2. Alexizupinhea

    Help - 405nm TTL or Analog Driver

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone may be able to help me out in finding a TTL or Analog driver suitable for a 405nm laser PHR803t. I see many on Ebay, but I am hoping to buy from a US seller as it is somewhat time critical. I was looking on Aixiz and all I could find is: 2pcs adjustable...
  3. Alexizupinhea

    Bright White 5mm LEDs Wholesale Prices

    Hey Everyone, So I have several Bright White 5mm LEDs I bought a while ago that I am looking to sell. Pricing: 100x - $5 shipped 500x - $15 shipped 1000x - $25 shipped 10,000x - $200 shipped Manufacturer Specs: Forward Voltage: 3.0 - 3.2V Forward Current: 20-24mA Brightness: 11000 -...
  4. Alexizupinhea

    Samsung DVD Burner (SATA) - $13.73 shipped.

    I know we get our red sleds cheaper, but for a new hobbyists who wants the DIY pride of doing all steps himself, this is a great price for a good DVD burner. Or, if you happen to need a DVD burner, this is the best price I've seen in a while. Hope it helps. Newegg.com - SAMSUNG 22X DVD Burner...
  5. Alexizupinhea

    Laser Soldering Kit/Multimeter for Beginners <$15

    Here is what appears to be a nice cheap kit for beginners to the laser hobby who do not want to buy a $100 soldering station or a nice Fluke multimeter. You can tell these aren't top quality items, but they should work perfectly fine for what we do here, and at a pretty nice cost. 12 Digital...
  6. Alexizupinhea

    200mW 635nm, 635nm, 635nm - $65?

    Well, I doubt this is right, yet they already have 200mW 650nm ones for cheaper on the same site. However, FocalPrice says "635nm" 200mW for only $65 shipped. I doubt it's right, but perhaps someone here would be daring enough to try it out. I didn't hear any news that 635nm was on the market...
  7. Alexizupinhea

    WTB: Empty Casio Projector - $50

    I've seen deals for higher and lower. I'm set that the max I would spend is $50 shipped. Therefore, if anyone is willing to sell it at that price, PM me. (By empty I mean includes everything except the harvested diodes).
  8. Alexizupinhea

    HELP: LPM Sensor wiring.

    Well, I purchased an old Coherent Laser Power/Energy Meter on ebay for a pretty good deal. It even came with the thermopile sensor, which I must say, was bigger and much better quality than I expected. The only problem is, the two parts did not come wired together. I have several pictures and I...
  9. Alexizupinhea

    AquaLight - Re-use spare LEDs from Flashlights

    Have you ever shined a flashlight around the house and noticed how beautiful it looks under a glass of water? Now you can capture that beauty in a water bottle of your choice! So, build your AquaLight today! AquaLight is a portable flashlight you may use around the house to gently light up an...
  10. Alexizupinhea

    Kenometer, $50 + shipping so far, 13hrs left.

    Well, I've been watching this for a while, and I'm sure others might have seen it too. But, just in case, I'm not looking to buy it anymore, don't need one, and so someone here might get a pretty good deal (though the auction ends soon, so get in if you want it). Basically, just thought it...
  11. Alexizupinhea

    Liquid Sky - Help making line and sin wave.

    Well, thanks in advance for any help :) Basically, I've had a set of galvos for quite some time now. They're 20-30kpps depending on scan angle and I'm not sure exactly what they're set at right now. I built and calibrated my sound card DAC and I've used LaserBoy and even a little bit of...
  12. Alexizupinhea

    Cheap Bare Open He-Ne's $10 + low shipping

    Pretty good deal. I don't need any myself. If they came with the power supply I'd grab a lot. Anyway, to those who might be interested, just $10 plus $4 shipping and $0.50 for each additional shipping. POLARIZED Helium Neon Laser Tube 10" HeNe Gas Plasma - eBay (item 180520041103 end time...
  13. Alexizupinhea


  14. Alexizupinhea

    Help asap - simple trace

    I could really use some help as soon as possible since I need to submit this application idea tomorrow. Basically if someone could trace this picture below into an .ilda or whatever type of file that I can import into LaserBoy and convert to a .wav for my sound card DAC, it would be extremely...
  15. Alexizupinhea

    Rayfoss Blu-ray driver.

    Hey, I was just wondering, has anyone else tried using the Rayfoss blu-ray drivers? Rayfoss I have about 5 of them which I bought months ago. I was never able to get them to work, no matter how I tried setting up the driver. I was just wondering if anyone else was able to do better.
  16. Alexizupinhea

    FS/FT: Blu-ray, Red set - Copper Heatsinks

    I have these two lasers which I'd be willing to sell or trade (preferably as a set). You can swap the back two pieces as you wish, making it either two-tone, or just one color (as seen in pic of flashlights). The one with the red top is a red laser, the one with the black top a blu-ray laser...
  17. Alexizupinhea

    New Red 200mW Waterproof - $54 w/ battery & charger

    Just showing O-like's new 200mW Red laser. I'd buy it if I have the money, but here it is: New style waterproof red laser 200mW£­>5~200mw Red laser pointer£­>Laser&lighting products£­>www.0-like.com Not a bad price considering it's waterproof.
  18. Alexizupinhea

    Help - How much current to set on a 60mW Green diode/module?

    Hey, I broke the driver on a 60mW Green module. I have another driver and need to set the current on it. My question is, I have no idea how much to set the current to... Any suggestions would be appreciated. (If you want to know the exact items, this is the module whose driver I broke...
  19. Alexizupinhea

    FS: Cheap Diffraction Grating Glasses - $3

    FS: Updated Prices Cheap Diffraction Grating Glasses - 2 for $4 SHIPPED! Well, I bought a lot of diffraction grating glasses, specifically to sell on LPF to those who can't seem to get diffraction gratings cheap. Shipping usually makes the cost not worth it. So, here they are! :) They are...
  20. Alexizupinhea

    WTB DX Red Module

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone has/would want to sell a DX Red Module, either this: DealExtreme: $17.24 5V 70mW Red Laser Circuit Board with Red Laser Module Kit or this: DealExtreme: $26.87 Genuine New Wish 5V Red Stage Laser Module (100mW) If not, I'll turn to Simon's shipping service...