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  1. Vetttech


    All my lasers came on the slow boat from China! Perhaps soon, i will do a build if i can ever find the time! Thanks for looking! [/URL]http://[/IMG]
  2. Vetttech

    Buy one laser- get 62 for free!

    You guys will get a kick out of this!!! :crackup::crackup: About a month ago, i ordered one small green laser for about $9.20 from China. I am on the computer in the other room and i hear my dog barking and going nuts in the other room! I go to see whats going on and i see a very large box on...
  3. Vetttech

    GATLING GREEN 532nm and a WARNING!

    WARNING! The two 16340 batteries you see in this photo are not the correct batteries for laser shown in photo! The correct battery is the 18650! So begins the review! Once again i am surfing the China market place on the net, i see this 532nm green Gatling for sale at $18.45. I do not have a...
  4. Vetttech

    Resistance in switch issue

    So, i am down in my basement, or as i like to call it, my laser playground, and i am playing around with a 200mw 303 650nm unit that i just received yesterday and i notice the beam dot is fading from bright to dim to bright! Bad battery?Nope! Bad driver? Nope! Bad diode? Nope! It turns out...
  5. Vetttech

    Basic li-ion battery care and maintenance

    Most of you RC guys will already know this information and can disregard it! This is for those who do not understand the nature of Li-ion Batteries and the maintenance and care needed for their longevity. BASIC LI-ION BATTERY CARE AND MAINTENANCE 1. Invest in a good...
  6. Vetttech

    GATLING STYLE 445nm 1w

    The GATLING laser has been around for many years and not new! My review is based on laser itself and the purchasing experience i had. As i was cruising the net on a typical China sellers web page, i came upon a seller who shipped from the USA! " VERY COOL! " He had the typical Gatling 450nm in...
  7. Vetttech

    Introduction of myself!

    Hello to all you laser junkies ! :wave: I have been into lasers since way back in the late 1970s, when my parents took me to Family Day at Honeywell Corp, where they both worked. They had a red laser reflecting off mirrors on display, from that moment, i was hooked! It was the most stunning...