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  1. Danjoo

    9mm 808nm + crystal and no green?

    Hi Guys, After spend some time with Flashlights iam back in Lasers. ;) For a friend i have bought this green laser. Its a "200mw" china build. After a few minutes runtime it dies, i dont want to send to china. I want to repair it. ;) After disassembling this, i found a 9 mm diode. I buy...
  2. Danjoo

    Lightpath small fl Lens

    In my laser delusion one night i order this incredible expensive deluxe lens.  ::) I cost me 66 each plus 25 taxes. :-[  euros. Its A coated for 400-600nm. The results are awesome someway.  8-) The Lens is called 352330-A, manufactured by Lightpath, but i have to buy at their distributor...
  3. Danjoo

    Need cheap beam expander?

    I need one the ceap ones from DL i found are still over my budget for small experiments.  :( I hear that binoculars work and test it, it work fine. But i dont want lasing around with my big binoculars. DX has cheap monoculars, for 13 i get this one...
  4. Danjoo

    GGW-H20L lasing

    Hi Guys When i got my h20l today i think about making some pictures because it have two colors. Must look nice when lasing.  ::) Bluray runs with flexdrive at 148ma, the red idk. Its at a fixed rckst powerd. Adjustable powersupply to make it even with the blu for the picture. Some smoke and...
  5. Danjoo

    Roithner Lens 27 small fl Lens

    Last days of cristmas holidas i remember all the stuff i order the nights online. ::) Time ago i buy a Lens 27 from Roithner laser in austria. Cost about 30 € netto, theoretical. Plus shipping, taxes and so on, its expesive to order one! http://www.roithner-laser.com/Optics-LD.htm...
  6. Danjoo

    Pink Project

    Some time ago i have this Idea to use rubber to adjust a laser to another to make a magenta laser. I start building this Alloy Housing for the Rominsen RL-B7 Host. Its pretty small diameter to put two aixis in it! From inside is has a 12 mm diameter drill with only one fixing screw. This hold...
  7. Danjoo

    Quick Sylvester Time Tunnel Effect

    While Sylvester Night is coming i think its fine to have a line or tunnel for all that smoke.  :) Ok, I take a plastik tube which fit with some hot-water-modding, thight, on my aconsen 450mw green Handheld build. Take my dremel and cut two windows in it. One to put the motor in it, the other...
  8. Danjoo

    Laser on Ice Today

    Today we go to take a walk at a frozen lake! If I shine the laser on the ice its easy to see the strength of the ice and the waterlevel if its not to deep! Laser is direkt on the ice, Through the Ice the beam is not well visible, the better visibility start when thebeam hit the water. And...
  9. Danjoo

    Focalprice "Fat Beam Green"

    Hi Guys I notice that Focalprice offer alot of "Fat Beam Green" lasers. Like that ones: http://www.focalprice.com/10mW_532nm_Fat_Beam_Green_Laser_Silver_LP075S_6866.html or that http://www.focalprice.com/5mW_532nm_Fat_Beam_Green_Laser_Silver_LP074B_6865.html Did somebody purchase one of that...
  10. Danjoo

    L...... Throwie

    This evening i dissamble a sled and look around what is usable. And i think about the magnets.  ::) After small brainstorming i remember these cheap 1-5mw red module i bought some time ago. And luckily i have hundreds "LR44" 1,5V button cell left, from another projekt. Small test and 3 volt...
  11. Danjoo

    WTB PS3 sled  (KES 410)

    Hi Guys, im looking for PS3 sled to build the white laser Inspired by rog. Here in this section I cant find them, on PSXBoy they cost 53$ shipped. Is there a cheaper source anywhere? Without diode!!! I need just the sled with the optiks!!! Thanx Daniel
  12. Danjoo

    Jet Another spirograph ghetto RGY ?

    I few days ago i found some time to bulid my mandatory spirograph. Start with two motors frm 22x sled green modul and potis for the motors. Mirrors are from harddiscdrive selfmade. Endet with green 20-30mw module and red rohm @250ma rkstr, dichro and 3 motors everything dimmable. The lasers are...
  13. Danjoo

    Aconsen Modul in MXDL

    I have ordered a 300-350mw Module from Susie.  8-) I want it in the smallest possible sensfull host. With the host, after duty cycles of 2 minutes its barely warm.  :) Some pictures to show you guys a possible solution for the aconsen modules. In this case the "power on" led is useless...
  14. Danjoo

    Zonestealth Red and Green Googles

    I have orderd these from laser2go, fast shipping, only 10 days to germany. http://www.laser2go.com 26USD incl shipping For me they work properly. Its my first pair of protective glasses. I do some test beam directly on the glasses and see what go trough. Its close to nothing, till now, i dont...
  15. Danjoo

    Enlarging Beam diameter of green modul

    Hi guys Im looking forward to build a yellow pointer inpired by LPF user rog. i want to build the yellow one in a MXDL host lathe, and milling at work is no problem. I start with some experiments to find out how everything works. First i build the setup on my desktop to see the yellow beam...
  16. Danjoo

    DIY Open Can Pocket Burner

    Last Night i finish my pocket Burner Projekt.  :) I need 2 Dvd Burners for that. The first diode i kill to set up the driver. dont have test load, normaly i try to find the lowest setting with a high power LED. Than i hook up the LD and measure direct with the Laser diode. But the flex pot is...
  17. Danjoo

    Hi from Germany

    Hi Guys I start to build High Power LED Flashligts, order at DX. I see the laserpointers, and iam infected.  8-) :o ive ordered Rominsen L-A030 2 month later my firt 803t 405nm is dead, one LG16x diode is in heaven, and 2 ROHM RLD 635nm are also dead. Cheap Fog maschine also dead. But iam...