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  1. ReNNo

    Compatible flashlight boost converters, cheap 445nm drivers

    Many of us prefer low-budget laser builds instead of throwing ~30USD+ for "proven drivers". There are few 445nm laser builds that use cheap boost converters from flashlights. First driver that is proven to work with 445nm diodes is one with "NJG-18" mark on it. This driver can be ordered on DX...
  2. ReNNo

    19-mode 445nm laser build

    My last 445nm build was based on microboost driver that is pretty expensive (26USD shipped to my country). I agree that build quality of microboost is great and dimensions are amazing but price is big problem for my low-budget builds. Not only price is a problem but stability. My last build was...
  3. ReNNo

    Aixiz 50mW labby repair

    I played with brand new Aixiz 50mW labby and homemade analog driver and killed diode by mistake. I replaced diode with another cmount 808nm diode (Thanks to Eudaimonium) but I'm not satisfied. Focusing lens is adjusted, crystal is adjusted for best output but I cannot get more than 70-80mW of...
  4. ReNNo

    WTB: Beam splitter to combine two red beams

    As title says.. I need beam splitter or similar piece of optics that can combine two red beams (650-660nm) If someone have polarised PBS and want unpolarised 50/50 PBS we can do exchange. I have 15x15 Edmund's PBS that costs more than $100. Very high quality cubes.
  5. ReNNo

    Cheap way to combine two red beams?

    I want to combine beams from two red lasers so I can get enough red light to use it in laser scanner. What would be the cheapest way to do it? Is there any optics in sleds that can do that job? (I played with some optics from sled but couldn't find any useful for this use) If not, do I need...
  6. ReNNo

    Simple TEC driver?

    I plan to make my own TEC driver and want to make it as cheap as possible. If there are some TEC experts I'd like to hear what is the cheapest way to make driver.
  7. ReNNo

    Now we can cut nails with 445nm lasers :D

    That is how I do it s2iHx3ux_Ug It smells very bad , don't try this at home.
  8. ReNNo

    445nm Portable laser build, pictures, video

    Now I have 445nm laser in my laser collection... And here are some pictures and video I want to share... Enjoy.. Click on picture to see it in full size... And video that shows laser in action :) cxKXxo44LAw This laser uses microboost driver adjusted to 817mA and glass lens for red...
  9. ReNNo

    My third IR laser build, 1W, 808nm, 1x18650

    I've just finished with my third IR laser build...that is the last diode I had. It's almost the same as my last build. (UF host, AMC7135 1.4A driver,2x plastic aixiz lenses, 1x18350) Only difference is that I use 808nm diode and "better" heatsink :) Status LED is still there :) Here is my last...
  10. ReNNo

    The cheapest fog machine

    I've just seen this video on youtube front page :) YouTube - Mighty Mini Fog Maker Perfect for laserists...
  11. ReNNo

    My another IR portable build (1W, 1x18650)

    This is my second IR build. This time I aimed for the smallest possible portable IR laser. I decided to put everything in cheap UF WF-501B host. What I like about this host is price, good quality, good looking, easy to make heatsink and lot of space :) , the best you can get for its price. I...
  12. ReNNo

    Strange green light from IR diode...

    Eudamonium send me some spare 9mm IR diodes he had so I can test them and find practical use. (Thanks Eudaimonim, and thank to Bill who supplied Eudaimonium with diodes :) ) One of these diodes emits very, very dim green light that can only be seen in dark room when light is focused in small...
  13. ReNNo

    LPF Mass E-mail address in blacklist ?

    I usually use e-mail notification for new posts and it worked great. But in past few days all e-mails from LPF were marked as junk. (from atarasovAThushmail.com) I use Hotmail and I contacted them but I don't think it will help. Can LPF admin do something about that? Thanks ReNNo
  14. ReNNo

    How to make beam fatter?

    Last year I was working on 7-color-laser that uses red, BR and green module. The problem is that BR and RED beam is much fatter than Green beam. Red and BR diodes in Aixiz module give beam that is about 5mm in diameter and green module gives 1.5-2 mm beam in diameter. When all three beams exit...
  15. ReNNo

    WTB: AMC7135 1400mA

    I need AMC7135 1400mA driver... If anyone has bought bulk pack of these drivers I would like to buy one or two. I can not find anywhere to buy it in small quantities... Or someone can direct me where to buy it in small quantities (1-10). I can pay by paypal...
  16. ReNNo

    O-Like 150mW module review

    As I can see everyone says that O-Like is the best place to buy green modules. OK, I ordered 150mW module from O-like and it came pretty fast. But module was defective. It came with broken bridge on PCB but I forgave them for that faulty and I repaired bridge. When I turned laser on I realized...
  17. ReNNo

    My first homemade 1W 808nm portable laser

    This time I wanted to make something more powerful. I decided to make 1W 808nm portable laser pointer because IR diodes are very cheap today. Choosing a host was really tricky. After all I bought this one (DealExtreme: $19.90 Cree XR-E LED Flashlight Complete DIY Body Shell/Casing Kit with...
  18. ReNNo

    My two new red laser builds

    This time I managed to make two red laser builds that are smaller than one I made before. First build uses two 10440 batteries and LM1117 as driver and everything is assembled in pen host (from DX green lasers). Current is about 390mA and stays stable. My second build uses one 14500...
  19. ReNNo

    LifeClickz invitations, let's try...

    I was suspicious about Lockerz but after some time I received earphones that cost $40 and $25 to my PayPal account. Then I heard about LifeClickz and it sounds good just as Lockerz. I want to give it try and I'm sure that some other members of this forum want to try this. This is that page...
  20. ReNNo

    O-like 150mW module and Li-Ion batteries?

    I plan to buy 150mW module from O-like and power it up with 1X 18650 battery that gives 4.2V when fully charged. 130~150mW Green laser Module£*>5¡«500mW green laser module£*>Laser&lighting products£*>www.0-like.com Specification says that laser should work on 4.2V but Susie says that 4.2V is...