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  1. Javalin

    Aixiz Shipping

    Hey guys, Has anyone ordered from Aixiz recently? If so, what is their shipping time like to the lower 48?
  2. Javalin

    Where do we get batteries these days?

    Hey guys, I've been away for some time now. I went to lighthound and they're gone! Where are the hip kids in the know getting their electrons? But seriously, I am building a small robot and weight and size are both a factor, I have a tiny one that could work but i need 12v so one isn't even...
  3. Javalin

    Javalin's Collection

    Up front is our PLE-473 in a custom leather holster. Next is the Pman special in 532. I can't believe I never made the build thread for this. I still have the pictures in photo bucket though so if there's any interest I'll write it up. Beam shot: The smallest laser gun in the world...
  4. Javalin

    Anyone in the Oklahoma City area?

    I just moved to Oklahoma City and was wondering if there happened to be anyone in my neck of the woods.
  5. Javalin

    Tiniest 515 / 520 Green I've Ever Seen - Help Identify?

    Before I start here's the deal. my buddy is a huge. HUGE doctor who fan. I told him about one of the builds here with the $400 sonic screwdriver host a few years back. Well, that was out of his price range But he loved the idea of the laser in it! He said that of the reboot seires the 11th was...
  6. Javalin

    Looking for A Car Head Unit

    Hey everyone, I used to install car entertainment professionally. This however was the better part of a decade ago. I'm so out of the loop that I have to put my ego aside and ask for help. My girlfriend and I just bought an 07 Ford Focus. The biggest concern we have right now is the radio. She...
  7. Javalin

    Beam Expander - Proof of Concept {Pic Heavy~ish}

    A few nights ago I decided to try my hand at making a beam expander. I have a handful of different lenses laying about so I figured I would try my luck. I didn't get any pictures of my first attempts but based on the math I made a 2X expander Friday night. It was vey impressive but since a 532...
  8. Javalin

    The Green Angel

    I'm proud to present "The Green Angel" 45mW 532 Fasttech module Host is from nitabass231 on Ebay Awesome seller who sells great quality flashlights and located right here in the USA. Shipping was fast and COMMUNICATION was absolutely amazing. For the heatsink I gave the creative license to...
  9. Javalin

    Laser Stencil Projection

    Last night my girlfriend came to me with a slight problem. The plaques she is painting for her family were a little too big for the stencil she had bought. But it font was "perfect" so she didn't want to buy another. She asked if I knew of any way to make the letters bigger. My initial thought...
  10. Javalin

    Ordered to Bring a Laser to Work :)

    So last Friday I was sitting at my desk minding my own, when an officer came in asking for a laser pointer. Pretending like I didn't hear him the first time he sat down at his desk and was telling a coworker about how he needed a pointer in a brief for a higher ranking officer. And that he...
  11. Javalin

    "Lunar Ring" Solar Panels On The Moon

    Hey all, I found this article on foxnews.com: Japanese firm proposes building solar panel ring around moon | Fox News Sounds like an interesting idea. They want to beam the energy collected to Earth using lasers or microwaves. Though I couldn't imagine that it would be terribly efficient and...
  12. Javalin

    The Little Diode That Could

    I was helping a newer member out when I though of a little project. After talking to another member we thought it'd be fun to throw this out on the forum for everyone to see. I have a few extra Fasttech 5V red modules and wanted to know how reliably they could run constantly. I started this...
  13. Javalin

    Amateur Rockets

    Does anyone else build / launch rockets?
  14. Javalin

    Ray Gun - {Pic Heavy}

    Okay, I admit, it's not much of a ray gun, but it's close :) I went to the mall yesterday looking for Christmas gifts for my son when I stumbled on this little guy. You pull the trigger and a little red LED lights up. My girlfriend looked at it and asked if I could put a laser in it. Honestly...
  15. Javalin

    Coherent Model 200 LPM - Help Reading {Pic Heavy}

    Hey guys, I got a Coherent Model 200 Analog LPM and I'm trying to see 1) if it works and 2) if I'm reading it correctly or if it isn't reading my 405 and 450 correctly. This is the meter Off and in the Battery Test position: This next one is with the meter set to .3 It's reading the only...
  16. Javalin

    IR Filter located in the US

    Hey all, I've searched around and haven't been able to find an IR filter (808-1064) that ships from the US. I know there are plenty of places around the web that will ship from China, but I'd like to get it in fewer than 2 - 3 weeks. If anyone knows of a place or has one they can part with...
  17. Javalin

    Pink Hand Grenade PL450 {PIC HEAVY}

    I finally got my girlfriend's laser done! It started life as an MP3 player. I took out the speaker on the bottom and the lever on the top that housed the switch. Then I added jump wires to connect the left and right twist functions to the push button leads. Now the laser can be operated...
  18. Javalin

    M67 Hand Grenade - 520nm

    I have been kicking around the idea of this build for a few months now I finally got it done tonight! I'm pleased to present "Frag Out!" I didn't take very many build pictures but I'll do the best I can. I started out with this: There was a nasty seam down the length and it was completely...
  19. Javalin

    PLE Pro Custom Leather Holster V1

    I decided to make a holster for the PLE Pro. This was just my Proof of Concept (POC) It's 100% genuine leather and 100% hand made. The black is cow hide and the blue is VERY soft sheep skin.
  20. Javalin

    LPC826 and NewWish Diodes - Dual Driver

    DISCLAIMER: I don't own a multimeter or an LPM so this is just proof of concept. I have an LPC-826 but no driver. Well, not exactly... I bought a bunch of New Wish pens off ebay.:whistle: I wanted to use two of the drivers from the New Wish pens to run a single diode. As I said, I can't take...