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    FS: 4.5W 465nm Bitlasers Light Blue Laser (SOLD)

    As much as I love these lasers, I dont believe I have used them enough to justify continuing to keep them. Notes: I had Sanwu push their 520nm 1W to 525nm 1.2W. It comes with a G7 lens and beam expander. The Sanwu laser has the multi-mode feature. The bitlasers light blue laser has a duty cycle...
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    What happened to bitlasers?

    I remember that bitlasers was run by one of the forum members here. believe his name was Grix. It seems he only sells parts and accessories now?
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    Laser Accessories - Diffraction Gratings (Where to buy them nowadays?)

    Hey guys, I've been on the lookout for some good laser accessories like the dot matrix diffraction grating from dragonlasers. I contacted support for dragonlasers and asked them about the dot matrix diffraction gratings but he told me they will not be restocking them anytime soon? Do you guys...