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  1. IWLSR5

    Looking for a LPM

    Does anyone know if this is a decent LPM. Looking for something fairly accurate without breaking the bank. https://www.laserpointerstore.com/products/pocket-laser-power-meter/ Is this a reputable site?
  2. IWLSR5

    How to figure out duty cycle

    I’m currently working on two builds and am wondering on how you figure out the duty cycle. The diodes I’m working with are: NUBM4F at 5A NUBM07 at 3.5A Both are going to be in SL S4X hosts with copper heat sinks. Is there a formula for calculation duty cycles or do you just run them until the...
  3. IWLSR5

    NUBM4F Amperage

    I'm getting a NUBM4F diode for my second build and don't see much information about it on the forum. What amperage should this diode be ran at? Will be powered by 2 18650 cells.
  4. IWLSR5

    Building my first laser

    Finally decided to take the plunge and build my first laser. I did so much research that it made my brain hurt. I'm looking to use the following parts. Does this seem like a good build? I'm open to any suggestions to improve upon it. NUBM07 465nm 4W with DTR 20mm Copper Module Super...