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    Ornate CNC casing for lower power output lasers ?

    Are there any companies that specialise in CNC milling casings for laser pointers for the lower end of the market ? I don't mean price, I mean power i.e. 1mW. Sure, there are the high power output models that get the nice cases, but how often can they be used. Better would it be, in my...
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    Safe UK companies ?

    I am looking for a reputable company in the UK for a laser pointer. I don't want to have to worry that there is no IR filtering, or that the power output is not as described. Are there any reliable companies in the UK, preferably made in the UK as well, unless lasers (like magnets) are all...
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    Will there ever be a brown laser ?

    Nobody think about these things, but what if ?..
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    Laser to detect plastic/alloy materials

    Walking along the road our way in the countryside I notice food snack wrappers on the roadside all of the time: water bottles (glass and plastic), cans, crisp packets, the usual. Instead of manually picking them up and focusing my eyes on the floor, instead of the scenery! I would like a arial...
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    Rainbow dot?

    Is there a laser that will project the colours of the rainbow onto a single dot?
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    From the UK

    Hi, I am from the UK, looking for a low power laser for illustrative purposes at work. Thanks.
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    For use in shop

    I am looking for preferably a red (but green would suffice) laser which is less than 1mW and preferably a 1M laser so that I can use it in a working environment without fear of blinding customers who wear glasses. I would like to point to products on the shelves high on up at my shop so that I...