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    Spectral Emission line DB

    I have put together some information from the NIST database on Spectral Lines emmitted from 20 different Elements. I also added Graphs to make it easy to see were the strong lines are. It's surprising how many lines some elements emit in the visable spectrum. Eg, Mercury emits 40 seperate...
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    Spectrometer Calibration

    Calculating the numbers to Calibrate a Spectrometer requires the calculation of the 3rd order Polynomial values. The easiest way I have found is to use an Excel Spreadsheet. I will go thru the steps involved. After you have done it once it's pretty straight forward to do. Excel has a Plugin...
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    565nm From LaserLandAustralia

    Lets start with an obvious question. What Color is 565nm ? Next. The One that everyone wants to know. The Wavelength. An Expanded view of the Spectrum. This DPSS laser has quite a wide bandwidth. Ranging from 565nm up to 571nm. That is quite wide for a DPSS laser. It's obviously not...
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    Sharp 490nm Build

    It has been a while since I received a new diode to add to my collection. The Sharp GH04850B2G 490nm Wow, What an absolutely superb color from this diode. I love it. It's a DTR 12mm Copper module with a 2 Element Glass lens mounted in an S4 Host from Survival Lasers. Output power meters at...
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    Lambda Ruby Laser Head

    I saw this for sale on Ebay and jumped in as I have not seen one before. And going on the price I have seen for Nd-Yag heads this was a very good price. I have ended up with the Head including the Ruby Rod, Flash Tube and Pump Chamber. This is a water cooled pump chamber. The water actually...
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    Pumping a Ruby Rod

    I bought a Ruby Rod off Ebay some time ago. It does look like it might be ok. Ends are highly polished and its looks very clean looking inside it. No marks or colorations etc. It looks very pure. Usualy these are pumped with Flash tubes. Getting flash tubes these days is rather difficult. At...
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    Sharp 505nm

    I have been getting slack in my old age. Using Standard S4 Hosts and installing a DTR Module with driver already included. Sharp 505nm. DTR 12mm Copper with Boost Driver. 2 Element Green lens. S4 Host from Survival Lasers. Measured output with my Laserbee is 103 mW. An interesting Colour...
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    Argon ionization color

    I managed to get hold of another 25ML tube. Was labeled not working for parts only. Didnt expect it to do anything. Just a question someone might know the answer. When I ionize the tube with HV and the filament off I was expecting a blue glow. This tube has an Orange glow ! Anyone know what...
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    My Nubm44 build

    I bought my Nubm44 from DTR mounted in a 20mm module including the driver pre mounted and a G2 Lens. Spent some time building this host. My aim was for non stop operation without any heat problems. I ordered an 80mm x 25mm x 150mm Aluminium Flat bar from a local supplier on Ebay. Some spare...
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    Taser core ?

    I bought a couple of high voltage step up boost modules from Ebay just to see what they are like. Obviously the stated output voltage is very much over stated. 1000 kV.... Yeah, a million volts... Thats going to be real. A spark about 50 inches :drool: What i was not expecting was the amount...
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    Which Green Diode ?

    Very soon I will be ordering a 520 diode from DTR. But which one ? NUGM01 NUGM02 NDG7475 N520 Any advice on which might be the better choice ?
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    Argon Laser Pulse tester

    I am building an Argon Laser Pulse Tester based on the Professors Argon Design. The Professor's Homebuilt Lasers Site - Argon Lasers Stage one is a transformer for the fillament. In Australia we have 240 Volts which I could not find a suitable transformer to use for the fillament. No problem...
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    JDSU 25ML Argon Help

    I have a Uniphase 2114 -25ML Power supply and a 2211-25ML Head. When it arrived I powered it up and it worked. Nice Blue Beam. After a short time their was a slight electrical burning smell from the power supply. I turned it off and let it sit for a while. Powered it up again the beam came on...
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    HeNe bundle.

    Took a risk from a local ebay seller. This sounds good but time will tell. All for $400 AUD. Approx $300 US. This will be my first entry into HeNe lasers. Here's an opportunity to grab a huge helium neon laser lot. All components working. Includes; An assortment of 8 laser tubes/heads A...
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    I have been getting a bit slack with my last 2 builds. Using off the shelf hosts. All my other lasers are home built lab style lasers. When I get my Nubm44 it will be a fully custom Lab Style. Already ordered my Ally Bar to make the Heat sink and mount. The M462 is a nice Blue color. Here is...
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    Small 90mw Build

    Not much to say about this build. 100mw 532nm Module and a Jayrob Green Stainless Host. Took a whole 5 mins to assemble. Measured output using a CR123 Cell is 90mw Stable.
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    Laserlands 532nm 200mw

    I knew it wasn't going to be what was advertised. But laserlands claim they test all their lasers to confirm the output. Obviously from the price it's a fake. When it arrived it wasn't a 200mw. The package was labeled 150mw. They prob don't even have a 200mw one. I was offered a $10 refund to...
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    PT-121 Testing

    I have been testing out the Performance of the Green PT-121 Module. This Module is rated at 3600 Lumens at 30 Amps. I couldn't find any Drivers around that will supply 30 amps regulated. So I decided on a Constant Voltage Switching Regulator. It is adjustable up to 5.5 Volts and capable of...
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    Whats that Smoke ?

    Oooops. I was at a mates place showing him some tricks with my M140 Lab laser. I had it pointed at a Light Grey wall about 3 meters away. I thought Very Light Grey Paint would be ok. After doing some CD Case Buring, Lighting Matches etc we noticed some smoke from his wall. This is a Very...
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    My First 445nm Build.

    My 445nm Aixiz with G2 lense arrived yesterday. I hadn't touched it yet as my Glasses hadn't arrived. The glasses Arrived today so I put it all together after work tonight. I am keeping all my Lasers as Lab style lasers because of the Pointer laws in Aus. I must say these are damm bright...