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    Here's some decent pics of my new argon...

    Amazing pics. What type/brand of grating do you use?
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    My first laser photo

    Not bad at all. If you are like me, you'll get addicted to those beamshots. ;)
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    The SPAM Topic

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    What laptop brand should I buy?!

    Alienware has awesome looking laptops. But I have no personal experience with them, so I can't say if you're buying an overpriced hyped laptop. If you want durability get a Toshiba. I have had several of those, and even the oldest which I still have (a PIII) still works flawlessly and the...
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    The SPAM Topic

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    Ultimate Aixiz Heatsink

    That's a very good looking heatsink. Nice work. [smiley=thumbsup.gif]
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    [UPDATE] Suggestion for purchase

    Hehe if you are already dreaming about lasers I'd say you got it pretty bad. Just get the RPL, you know you want one. 8-)
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    Kryton Logo competition

    Re-voted for #3. PS: unlike the previous vote, it's now possible to see which logo got the most votes so far after you've voted. That wouldn't be a problem since you can only see it after you've voted, but as can be expected information about the score is posted by those who have already...
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    Flashlight Review,   Spartanian II

    Indeed, very complete and also with pro pictures. And a copy on the one he did here btw: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?p=2575469#post2575469 You'd almost think he's affiliated with that neoseikan company... are you? ;D
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    Traveling to Canada with my Lasers

    If you think you're not allowed to have to them in your luggage, you do think it's ok however to carry them on your person? :o
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    New homeland security measures

    I'm sure the algorithm is absolutely amazing and state-of-the-art. But, I for one do not believe that "Johnny the bomb maker" will send unencrypted and traceable communications via the internet to his friend, even if it contains 'casual' information such as his whereabouts. The algorithm cannot...
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    Traveling to Canada with my Lasers

    Put them in your luggage and you should be fine. I have no experience with getting lasers onto a plane, but I doubt a pen style laser will be seized or even noticed in the luggage you check in.
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    need help getting laser for girl thats a friend

    Re: need help getting laser for girl thats a frien Depends on his testosterone level. It's summer... short skirts everywhere... will be a tough one.
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    New homeland security measures

    Pointless. Even if the detection software is super-advanced and even if it is truly possible to effectively monitor all that data: anyone with a little IT knowledge can use a form of encryption so strong it cannot be beaten even by the NSA/FBI/CIA/insert government abbreviation here in an...
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    Laser Power Measurement Devices....overview !

    I work for a company that manufactures and sells X-ray analytical equipment.
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    My best photos of all time.. lol..

    Heh nice shots. I like the one with 3 beams next to each other. :)
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    [UPDATE] Suggestion for purchase

    I'm not sure that 7.5% percent discount that user got still applies. The only Opto discount for LPF users I can find atm is the one in Jack his signature. I don't see how asking for a discount that has been handed out to others before would offend him, don't worry. ;)
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    Kryton Logo competition

    My vote will be for number #4.
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    The SPAM Topic

    Argh nasty puke Ace. Reminded me of this one: