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  1. TrevorWesley

    Sanwu pocket host

    Does anybody know how sanwu laser hosts are formed? (Pocket specifically) Do they just use piping? I’m really curious in general about what people use to create the hosts for lasers and of there is a source/website that sells the steel tubing type housing. How do they build the parts like lenses...
  2. TrevorWesley

    Goggles question

    Hey guys. I recently got an 800mw blue laser and some OD6 goggles but wearing them is just no fun at all because it totally eliminates the experience. What OD goggles would you recommend that will protect but also allow some visibility to appreciate the laser. Thanks 🤙🏻
  3. TrevorWesley

    Sanwu Pocket splash fix

    What up guys, I was noticing along with some others who have purchased the Cyan Sanwu Pocket that there was a splash/ring around the beam because it was reflecting off of the side of the opening hole so I found these rubber caps on Amazon that happen to be the exact size of 13mm and I used a...
  4. TrevorWesley

    Sanwu Pocket with added pen clip

    I bought a pen clip on amazon and put it on my new sanwu pocket! Worker out pretty sweet! 🤙🏻
  5. TrevorWesley

    Laser accessories

    Hey laser fam! So I recently purchased a cyan Sanwu pocket and I’ve already purchased 2 more that are on the way haha. Something so cool about these pocket lasers, makes me wanna collect them! So i’ve been searching for cool accessories for lasers but haven't found much beyond the same stuff...
  6. TrevorWesley

    New Member, new and firsttime Sanwu Pocket owner, I have question about fixing beam reflecting/leaking beyond the dot.

    Hey guys! My name is Trevor, I recently received my first Sanwu laser, s 492 Cyan 100mw. It’s really awesome! I just have a question about the beam/light reflecting from the inside and spreading a bit beyond the dot. I want to know if anybody has any ideas about modding the lens for safety...