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    Update on my "start a brush pile fire" laser project.

    Since burning myself up in March - ish by using one of those new "safety" USA government mandated plastic gasoline 5 gallon jugs <smfh> and having 6 weeks - ish to lay in bed and heal and think about it. I was finally able to make my idea of igniting a brush fire from a safe distance with a...
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    Looking for cheap tri-pod ideas to hold gatling style blue laser.

    I know that might be a dumb question but I am looking for a small , compact , tripod type stand that will hold my gatling style laser steady. Home brew / redneck ideas are perfectly acceptable and encouraged. Commercial (cheap) stuff is also welcomed. I'm lost in this area but I see people...
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    How long will 2x 16340's batteries @700mAh each produce a good beam before power drops off?

    I've gathered it's not a very good idea to turn on your laser and just leave it on from a full charge until the batteries are completely drained because of heat issues. - But in theory, I'm wondering how long 2x 16340's batts fully charged and turn the laser on - how long will the laser beam...
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    Brand Spanking New / Never charged / Never used 4 x VC IMR 18350 BATTERIES 1100mAh 3.7v

    I just received them today from Ebay and unfortunately they do not fit inside my gatlin style blue laser housing. They are just a little bit too big around. Again, Brand new, never used. I got 4 of them. Would be willing to trade str8 up for 4 Efest 16340 button tops @700mAh. I ordered 2 of...
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    Yet another noob question about batteries and chargers

    I have a slight touch of OCD (so I'm sorry I'm making a not difficult issue / difficult) I am in North America, North Carolina to be exact. What is the best place for me to order 16340 batteries? (Not brand, *PLACE*) I'd like Efest batts as someone else told me they were the best. 2) Do I...
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    Replacement battery questions.

    Howdy. I got the el cheapo "gatlin" style blue laser off Amazon. It came with 4 "+J 16340 1500mAh batteries. (only 2 are used at one time) It's becoming obvious those batteries are hot garbage and I am looking to replace them with better batteries. My question is - I see some on Amazon...
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    Brand New, Noob. Part II - lets escalate.

    So right away I have to thank Redcowboy because he took the time to help me visualize "safety" - if that makes sense. He was able to verbalize context. I'm 100% confident now with this Amazon blue laser. It will light a match on fire from 5 ft away pretty fast. <side note - that still terrifies...
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    Long story short: I live way out in the country and I want a laser that will "spark" a fire from about 10 ft away.......... If I have to / need to use "flash paper" in order to accomplish this - fine. I'm perfectly fine with that. My main concern is "safety" for not only myself but for any...