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  1. Dusty_Lenses

    Minimum power required for PCB etching?

    So I finally upgraded my generic laser engraver from its stock "2.5W" which turned out to be 1W. I replaced the diode with an nubm47 and am successfully etching into aluminum with the aid of black marker @5.5W. I would love to be able to etch PCB's by burning off the copper clad and avoid...
  2. Dusty_Lenses

    Help identifying diodes

    Hey folks, I picked up a projector and before tearing it down would like to know what diodes are inside. I was trying to get a xx-V2 but cannot find any locally. I ended up getting a low hour used xx-V10X which is a 3000 lumen model and from memory may have the NUBM42 or similar, but dont want...
  3. Dusty_Lenses

    Post your vintage pointers (weather you still have it or not)

    Thought i'd post a pic of my very first pointer that got me hooked on this rewarding hobby. I personally have learned so much which I otherwise may have not. So this thread is for those who remember that very expensive 1-5mW you could never put down. Heres mine, got the pic from a really...
  4. Dusty_Lenses

    long time lurker, first post

    Howdy folks. Been popping in and out of this forum for the better part of a decade, figured it was about time I say hi. Been doing some reading and purchasing various diodes to try my hand at some fun projects. So hello all, my name is Dusty 🍺:alien: