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    Vast Resource of Text...

    So through my work with the Air Force, I've been granted access to the SPIE library, which has a ridiculous amount of resources that I personally have found very interesting (I have a few of their books myself). The link seems to be working for others, so for anyone who wants to read through...
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    My Jayrob 18650/Daguin 445nm Diode Build (many pictures)

    Special thanks to Jayrob, Daguin, Ash, and all those other people who answered my endless questions. I'm just going to upload all these photos without a description, I'm sure you guys know what it all is. If you have any questions about my build let me know. Click them for a larger image.
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    Perceiving 445nm

    I think there was another thread about it somewhere, entitled "How do YOU see 445" but I can't find it - So I'm going to ask the question again! I see 445nm as almost a brighter 405nm, completely purple, but just a bit lighter and brighter. I see 0% blue in 445, nothing like what pictures show.
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    Powering A140 Diode in 18650 Kit with Alternate Battery

    I don't yet have access to an 18650, but I've got a few Lithium TL-5101 3.6v batteries - could I use those to power it for a moment or two? The voltage is similar, so I thought it may be a possibility. I just want to know if the laser is working - is there risk involved with using this alternate...
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    Need a very, very quick favor.

    Hi all, I'm on a computer with a filter, and I can't see this picture which I need to solder a diode. http://www.sonic.net/~jayrob/Blu-ray%20pin%20out.jpg Can someone please go to that link, save the image, and then email it to me as an attachment? (I can view attachments) My email is...
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    Pressing Diode Into AixiZ Module

    Okay, I'm really, really upset - so any help would be appreciated. I'm pressing this diode into the AixiZ module, the front end, and I did that by placing it in the front end, then putting the back end over it, and pushing them together with a clamp. Then I gently pulled at the back end, and I...
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    Building a 445...Have I got this right?

    Hello, The purpose of this thread is to tell you what I have (and what I'll be getting) and list the steps of building a 445nm to my understanding so that I can get feedback and see if I'm missing anything or if I should pay attention to any hazards or easy places to make laser-threatening...
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    First 405nm...Question about safety.

    I just got the $9 Ebay pen, and the dot on it looks very strange. I only looked at it for a second at a distance of ~20 feet on a white wall inside. I can't even see the dot outside in daylight. Other than maybe 3 seconds of exposure total (I put it away after) I haven't used it, but it almost...
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    Testing A140 Diode

    So my diode arrived from daguin (thanks to him btw). And for some reason my idiotic parents opened my package and handled the diode before giving it to me. I assume it's broken now from ESD. How do I test the diode?
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    Calculating Beam Waist

    So I have a HeNe laser, and I want to calculate the waist. I know how to calculate the divergence, using the knife edge technique, and I was under the impression that the waist could be calculated the same way. I haven't been able to find too much info on it, however. Can anyone point me in the...
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    Building a HeNe...

    Hio Backround: I got hired for a summer internship with the DOD in....a LASER testing facility! Pretty sweet right? I get to play with anywhere from 10W-100W lasers everyday. Most of its IR though, so not as much fun. Anyway to the point. My boss says I can build a HeNe laser, but he want's...
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    Question about 50mW O-Like Green

    So I just got it, and I'm wondering which way to put in the battery. Here are the instructions given: "Never put battery in reverse polarity, the battery "-" towards outside (tailcap)" So does that mean reverse polarity is when the battery - is towards outside? Or does it mean that - towards...
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    Am I going to need glasses for outside use?

    I just bought a 50mW greenie from O-Like My understanding is that using it for outside use, starpointing etc, I won't need glasses. But my super-smart PhD brother is telling me that it's still going to reflect off dust particles and stuff and I'll need glasses. The reason I don't really want...
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    Good Choice for 50 mW Greenie?

    Yeah, I have one post. I know how annoying it is to have those leechers just drop by for a question without learning anything, but I've been making an effort to learn alot reading these forums. Anyway, I think this is a good choice for a 50 mW, reliability, good site, fair price...any thoughts...