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    Which Blue Diode is Best for 3W Power with narrow beam?

    I want to build a 3W - 3.5W blue with G8 lens. I see several 9mm diodes (NDB7A75, NUBM06, NUBM08, etc.) on the DTR site which will run in the 3W range. Some 9mm diodes have a G-ball lens. I assume the G8 is better so I will need to remove the G-ball to put in the G8. I don't know if this...
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    question about safety power disconnect feature at tailcap of host

    I've been looking at various safety disconnect features we sometimes see at the tailcap of a host - usually in the form of key locks or power connectors like the 5.5mm/2.1mm male to female connectors often used on power supplies for various small appliances. When the male connector is pulled...
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    Independent Soft-Start module to be used in conjunction with a driver?

    Is there such an animal out there? I want to use the BlackBuck 8M (for its potentiometer and diode heat sensor features) but it does not have a significant soft-start feature (0.5millisecond start delay). Some threads here on LPF suggest an adequate soft start of between 250 - 500...
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    Single multi-color 3mm or 5mm LED battery status indicator?

    I'm looking for a battery status indicator : 1) full (green), medium (blue), and near empty (red) using a single RGB LED. 2) The setup would be small enough to be mounted inside a host with the LED sticking out a small hole. 3) It would be hooked-up between the on-off button and the...
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    Best driver to run 3A - 5A for blue diodes

    Hello all. I want to run blue spectrum diodes in the 3A to 5A range. I am looking for a driver which has the following features: 1) ESD protection 2) Reverse polarity protection 3) Adjustable current pot 4) Soft start (I assume longer duration is better?) 5) Footprint not much bigger than...
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    how to limit driver voltage

    I am looking at this diode on ebay. In this case below, I assume the "Operating voltage" of this diode is the same as (V out) to the diode (Max 2.3V) from the driver. So this is a one battery setup. 1x18650. Some driver sellers today will set the current (I out to the diode) for the buyer but...
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    Power cut off Safety Pin?

    Do some laser pointers have a 'safety pin' which acts like a 'key' so that when removed or pulled out of its hole/port, the circuit is broken, rendering the laser pointer without power? 1) What type of 'pin' can be used? What is it called when looking at the Mouser catalog? 2) Can the hole...
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    General driver heatsinking tips (driver attached to host body or diode heatsink) ?

    The following questions are for using a large heatsink (e.g. host body or diode heatsink) for an SXD driver running at 4+ Amps: 1) Which component(s) of the driver needs to be heatsinked the most? What does that component look like on the board? Since many rectangular driver boards have...
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    Can Maglite 2D side clicky switch handle up to 4.5 Amps at 8V DC?

    Hello, tried to find answer to this question in previous threads but couldn't find a discussion on this sibject. Jayrob laser kits have used Maglites up to 3 Amps but not 4.5 Amps. Maybe his flashlights used high amps but I don't know if he modded the switch to handle the hi amps. 1) I am...
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    Which diode for maximum beampoint intensity (mW) at 50-100 meters?

    There seems to be no forum Table showing maximum beampoint intensity (mW) at longer distances, regardless of beam color. In other words, minimum divergence. I see posts stating that beam divergence is a function of wavelength (this number is easy to get) and beam diameter (this number is not...
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    Best Blue Laser for most power/least divergence/maximum distance?

    I am looking at JetLasers PLE-Pro Blue handheld lasers: 1) 445nm: 1W - 5W with divergence at 2mRad and 3mm beam diameter for all power levels. 2) 465nm: 1.4W - 3.5W with divergence at 2mRad and 2.5mm beam diameter for all power levels. 1) Does this mean that for a particular wavelength...
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    Survival Laser Aluminum heatsink dimensions

    About Survival Laser's color-anodized aluminum heatsinks, does anybody know: 1) total axial length 2) the large diameter of the flange 3) the smaller diameter of the body 4) flange axial thickness The reason is to see if DTR's 20mm copper module has enough material to be machined down...
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    Hi-Power Hosts, dual-switch, DTR Heatsink compatible

    I've been gone from LPF for a while and noticed some host makers and manufacturers are now gone. I am looking for a production item (non-custom) host, momentary side switch/on-off rear clicky switch, compatible with DTR's larger heatsinks (20mm or 25mm). I am thinking that, with the advent...
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    New High Power Diodes and Increased Beam Divergence

    Regarding high power 445nm diodes where the beam divergence increases/worsens as the power increases: Question: Does the divergence get significantly worse above a certain wattage such as, above 3W or above 5W? Or does the divergence get worse (in general) in a even, linear way? For...
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    Where to buy brass driver board rings

    For 17mm driver/contact boards, there are places like Survival Laser to get brass circumferential rings - which you can place the driver/contact board into the brass ring and and press the assembly into the driver pill/heat sink. But what about 20mm or larger boards? I assume brass rings are...
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    Where to get dead man switch key

    I was toying with the idea of having a custom host made with a deadman switch at the tail for safety. While in most production lasers with a deadman switch at the tailcap (or "remote switch connector" according to laserbtb's term used on their site), it is basically a headphone male plug...
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    how to heatsink a driver inside aixiz module

    Is there a way to heatsink the driver sitting inside the hollow aixiz cylinder by heatsinking it TO the cylinder? This way, the driver isn't just sitting insulated in mid-air inside the hollow cylinder. I assume filling a portion of the hollow cylinder (on either side of the driver) with...
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    Stainless Flashlight host (18650x1, metal tailswitch button - nice!))

    Has anyone tried to build a laser using this stainless steel 18650x1 flashlight host? D9 Best Quality SS 1x18650 Flashlight Host kit for XML_BTU Flashlights_Electronics Wholesale - Powered by ECShop Who made your heat sink? Thank you.
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    Aftermarket IR Filter?

    Question: If I have a green 532nm laser without a filter, is there an aftermarket filter which can be placed snugly over the head and aperture of the laser? Like a filter within a rubber or plastic head which can fit snugly over the laser head? Or a filter inside a custom metal cover with a...
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    Dr. Andrew Kibbler ?

    Anyone know how I can contact Dr. Andrew Kibbler (aka Dr. Lava)? He and Ken Rowe were working on a project for me since 2008 of which I have $400 invested and still no product or response from either for about 10 months. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Carl cncyana@hotmail.com