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    Looking for proper housing...

    Hello. Please recommend a housing that can receive a 18650 cell; and a module like pictured below. Did not see something alike at ebay and others :( Should be very waterproof like these with side switch, (not at tail) :
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    Is it ok to run a laser diode from a 3v to 5v step up converter with a resistor?

    If the laser current is respected under the maximum specified, the initial and final voltages are irrelevant.
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    Magnetic + reed switches availability ?

    Hello. Is there any provider for the sliding magnet captive in a groove assembly to be mounted outside of a plastic tube ? The reed switch itself, I have a bunch; is simple to find. It makes it truly waterproof. Used also in this one:
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    Focusing or collimating ?

    Good day. First post with lots to learn. How to produce a ~3mm dot at 6 metres (1/8" at 20') with a 405nm module like this 12.2mm diametre, ~46mm long module that has some lensing on it. With its lens all the way in, the beam still diverges. Do I need a housing with lens or collimator or both...