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    Hey there. I really hate to make a public thread like this but I am getting somewhat worried. I have had an on-going repair for Gooeygus with my Dorcy JR PHR. Last I heard from him was almos a month ago, him saying that he got my driver in the mail and would get my laser finished up asap. Iv...
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    Laser security system?

    So I was thinking, and you know how you always see those high powered laser security systems that will cut your arm off in the movies? Well is that even possible at all to any degree? I don't know if this has already been posted but I was just curious if there is actually lasers as high powered...
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    Laser Malfunction.

    So I had finally finished my first build yesterday, a Phr set at 120mA, on a flexdrive...with a dorcy host. It was working great yesterday, very bright, and burned matches / popped balloons..but today I turned it on in the morning and it worked fine..then 2 hours later when I turned it on, it...
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    So I finally finished my first laser, a dorcy PHR, set at 120mA. I had trouble at first, then I kept reading and learning how to solder, and finally got the connections. I have it set at 120mA but I don't know if its right or not...I may have done the connection wrong or broken my Flexdrive but...
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    In need of Soldering / Diode Help

    In need of Soldering / Diode Help My diode finally came today so I began soldering it to my Flexdrive today. I knew absoloutely nothing about soldering besides what I have read on this site, and well, It didn't go well. I finally got the spring attached, messily. Then as I moved to the diode...
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    Kendall Ownss

    Got my diode today and my module, and as I was thinking about how I was going to put the diode into the module, I realized he already did it for me ;D Sweet, I should be a proud owner of a high powered laser that much faster :D
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    Dorcy Driver?

    Im going to be making my first laser this weekend(assuming my diode comes today) and I am using a dorcy jr host. I keep doing more and more reading to make sure I don't screw this up and I keep seeing talk about removing some sort of driver underneath the black plastic in the battery case, where...
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    Dorcy Jr 15$

    Looking around I found a site that sell the dorcy Jr for 15$ + shipping which is 7$ for where Im at (SW Florida) but it may be cheaper for you. Link: http://www.brightguy.com/products/Dorcy_Super_1_Watt_LED.php
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    Darkhorse full body heatsink

    So I just got my darkhorse full body heatsink today, and I notice that it comes with a little rubber circular thing. What exactly is that thing for ? :o
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    Blu-Ray Goggles?

    Im going to be in the process of building a blu-ray. I plan on running it at about 120mA which should put it at 60mW(right?). Anyways, from what I understand that blu-ray does NOT put out IR correct? Now does that mean I should still wear goggles? If so, can someone post a link of the goggles I...
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    DX for US?

    Hey I can't remember where to go to get DX lasers imported for people in the US, can someone give me that link? Also, Iv been looking around and I can't find the answer to this- what does "pot mod" mean? Thank you :)
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    Quick Question

    So, I just ordered everything I need for my first laser (Blu-Ray, Dorcy Jr Host). I am thinking that when I build my second laser, Id like to have one as a pointer host. Iv seen people around the forum with pointers but were they just bought? Or is there a host that you can buy that is a...
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    Good deal or No?

    Alright I bought a diode for my first laser, a PHR-803T Blu-Ray. I spent 23ish on the diode (from hightechdealz) and I also bought an Aixiz module along with it, so the total came out to around $26.00. My question, after seeing threads on this forum about the same diode selling for 12$, is did I...
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    Hello from Florida!

    Hello to all. So I just recently discovered this whole big laser hobby and this forum community, and me being the big star wars fan that I am, I have to say I am pretty impressed. Iv just read of a bunch of FaQs on this site and I still have some questions that would be much appreciated being...