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    Looking for a web security system

    Hi, Folks! What type of online security do you use? I want to secure our office data information. Do you know any system for web security? I'd like one that can crawl JSON or HTML5. Any recommendations from you will be greatly appreciated.
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    Software Recommendation

    It's good to be back here. Once again I'm here to seek help from you guys. I am now part of the retail industry and we are taking every opportunity to save energy and costs because there is no denying that the retail industry is one of the largest consumers of energy around the world. We are...
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    Windows file system

    Hello! What do you guys use for auditing windows file system?? Is is necessary? Thanks!
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    Team Building This Month!

    I head one of our department's teams. This coming March we are going to have a team building in some posh resort. Three days and three nights. All expenses paid by our company, of course. :yh: I've been given free hand to do whatever I think is best for my team. I've been planning our schedule...