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    Collimating lasers without lenses

    From Slashdot: http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=209800332
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    Optotronics optics set

    Ordered an Optotronics optics set. The set was nicely shipped in a Fedex bubble bag, and came with a transparent box which you can compartment yourself. Inside are all kinds of optics, all of them wrapped into grease-free paper and/or plastic bags. After unwrapping all the goodies this is what...
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    DIY Dorcy with red LD - Phase 1

    Ok, after buying several lasers I figured it would be fun and educative to assemble one myself now. Since this will be my first DIY laser, I must admit made it pretty easy for myself by ordering a pre-assembled LD inside an Aixiz module, and a pre-assembled driver. All parts were obtained from...
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    Information Unlimited

    Does anybody have any experience with this company? They supply a wide range of lasers as well, beside other tech stuff: http://www.amazing1.com/
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    OEM Laser Systems 100mW PPL

    Yesterday I received my ordered 100mW PPL laser together with AL2 safety goggles. As it's not the first time this laser is reviewed, I'll keep the story short but throw in some nice pictures. The package was shipped 27 may and arrived at the Netherlands at 2 june according to USPS track &...
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    DX200 burning through a cd case

    As you know the dilda runs on CR2 sized batteries. Since normal CR2s are quite expensive I was looking for rechargeable CR2s. I intentionally did not order them together with my dilda at DX, because I was planning on buying some quality CR2 rechargeables at a local store. But that proved to be a...
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    cheap IR filter

    This website states developed film can be used as an IR filter: http://www.photocritic.org/create-your-own-ir-filter/ Anyone's got any experience using film as an IR filter? Does it indeed work?
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    DX 200mW red burning some matches

    Wee, my first burning vid. Like others stated before me, burning stuff with this laser is child's play. 8-)
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    Another DX 200mW review!?

    My ordered dilda arrived today! I ordered it on 4 may so shipping took an acceptable 16 days. I won't bother you with much details because those can be found in the earlier reviews of the dildas. Suffice to say the laser was shipped in the same brown paper bag and wrapped in the same pink bubble...
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    World's most powerful laser goes online

    http://science.slashdot.org/science/08/05/17/0430259.shtml http://www.lle.rochester.edu/05_omegalaserfacility/05_02_ep/05_ep.php <-- check out the cool image gallery
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    Newport optical power meter

    Today I was discussing my new laser hobby with some colleagues at work. The conversation came to the point of measuring the laser's power with metering equipment. A colleague mentioned a certain department had an optical power meter laying around they barely use. I immediately checked it out, it...
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    Optotronics 5mw vs eBayser 10mw

    Today my 5mw green from Optotronics arrived by USPS. After inserting 2 fresh batteries I tried it, and I noticed the following when I compare it to my 10mw ebay laserpointer: - the Optotronics does not mode hop, it starts and stays at TEM00. - the Optotronics has a far brighter spot and more...
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    WL 650nm sport elite goggles

    Yesterday I received my ordered lasershades from Wicked Lasers. Shipment was very fast, I ordered them on 5 may. Thumbs up for UPS. The goggles came with a carrying bag, a lanyard and a cloth. The goggles and the frame look and feel qualitative. The frame is made of slightly flexible, soft...
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    Not being able to post hyperlinks if posts < 20

    I'm guessing this restriction is put into place to prevent URL spamming, but it's a nuisance to people who have good intentions. New board members who are writing a review can't link to anything, including pictures. One could of course make 20 posts quickly, in the category of funny posts or 2...
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    2 new lasers coming!

    Yesterday I ordered a 5mw green laser from Optotronics. Just a fun laser to have and safe to use without goggles. However I wanted a burning laser as well. The RPL/PPL lasers from Optotronics and the Aries series from Laserglow look really great, but I'm not (yet?) willing to spend that much...
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    Review Island Online 10mW green laser pointer

    A few weeks ago I bought my first laser pointer. I wasn't actually searching for one, I was surfing on eBay when I came across a green laserpointer from a UK eBay shop called Island Online. I never heard of a green laser pointer before (only knew the keychain red ones), so I was intrigued by its...
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    Hey laserpointer enthusiasts, just a quick note to inform you guys the info on this forum is very helpful, especially the basic FAQ from Chad. (cannot post URL because of board limitations) Recently I've purchased my first green laserpointer. It was an impulse buy, I got it off eBay so I do not...