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  1. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    I didn't have any trouble with green. The heater needs constant voltage, not current. I used LM317 cv mode with R1 at 100 ohm, and R2 100 ohm pot. Adjusts from 1.25-2.5v. It is very sensitive to correct voltage. Mine runs at 2.05v. How is the alignment on your module?
  2. Anthony P

    Ebay seller newgazer and techhood - same seller, different accounts.

    Quote: "I believe there is a language barrier causing them not to understand me. " That is what they want you to think.
  3. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    Good catch, Paul... Thanks.
  4. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    Thanks for the heads up. Actually, my plans are to get good diodes and parts from DTR, Survival and AixiZ, then fabricate my own. The Holokid module I bought was cheap so I could look at it and get ideas.
  5. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    That looks a lot like what I have in mind for home-made. What are you using for TTL control?
  6. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    I can't tell if that is sarcasm or not LOL. I started with this module as learning experience. I intend to build one much higher in power. I can say that after bringing 2 of the 3 on line and seeing the whitish dot and beam, I am hooked on this project. I fully intend to go "whole hog" soon. I...
  7. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    There is link in original post.
  8. Anthony P

    Diffraction grating Recomendations

    Have you tried Edmund Optics... after all, you did say good.
  9. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    Thank you for your advice. Before connecting diode, I used a dummy load to verify current via 2 independant current meters. All parameters were verified to be well within datasheet specs... even a bit on the conservative side. ESD precautions observed. I have seen the DTR video of this diode...
  10. Anthony P

    A Newbs Hello From Aridzona !

    Welcome. Although I have not tried it myself, I have heard that those gatlin style lasers are very difficult to get apart (glue and epoxy everywhere). DTR Laser Shop has a variety of diodes with drivers and Survival Laser has several hosts to put them in. Both companies are excellent and...
  11. Anthony P

    90W 905nm Laser Diode for $23

    There is some info on powering these in "Light and Its Uses". If I recall there is also an old article in Radio Electronics magazine using an SCR circuit.
  12. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    Bench supply set at 9vcv and 2A cc feeds 3 lm317 configured for cc. Voltage on test load reads 3v( 4-1n4001 series with 1 ohm resistor). Current monitored to lasers reads dead on. Also, the OPSL green has cv heater driver 1.25-2.5 adjustment. starting from 1.25 to 1.6 heater voltage, output...
  13. Anthony P

    Trouble-shooting RGB

    Powered up RGB module for first time. Blue seems to behave perfectly, but green and red have barely any output. I am not sure how to proceed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/233183396826 Each is powered by LM317 current reg with adjustment resistors tailored for each diode. On test load, everything...
  14. Anthony P

    RGB pin out?

    Thank you so much for your help.
  15. Anthony P

    RGB pin out?

    I am building a power supply for rgb module and simply need to confirm polarity on 2 of the diodes. PL450B, and ushio HL63603TG. I know the information is here somewhere, but the search function leaves much to be desired. Another way to ask the same question is about datasheets. Are the pin out...
  16. Anthony P

    what's your favorite film

    Dune or Dragonslayer
  17. Anthony P

    Random request: Help calculate the minimum power density needed to pop a black balloon

    I have a CO2 laser that I can vary output power and meter. Also expand beam and measure diameter to calc power density. Just need to find some black balloons. Let me know if you think this could help.
  18. Anthony P

    Random request: Help calculate the minimum power density needed to pop a black balloon

    Instantly pop? or over some seconds?
  19. Anthony P

    Homemade deathray

    Cloudray Laser sells a beam combiner mirror used for aiming. They do not use the word dichroic, but it is the same technique used in most RGB modules to mix beams. https://www.cloudraylaser.com/collections/co2-beam-combiner/products/co2-beam-combiner-dia-20-25?variant=12807552401459
  20. Anthony P

    Invisible"ink" on white paper with 1W 405nm

    If you find that interesting, may I suggest a N2 laser build like Scientific American as pump for Dye laser. It is probably the easiest of the gas lasers to DIY and pretty much any color laser is possible with dyes.