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  1. kecked

    780 nm Laser Diode Array Build

    The minimum concentration of structural defects and the largest relative intensity of the 2D peak were found for the 50 mW mean laser power and the 30 mm/s scanning speed That’s pretty modest.
  2. kecked

    New build!! 1w 520nm with 0.13 mrad

    I tried an 8” telescope. Put 7w. Blue into it. The beam was visible but the modulation was so noisy from the atm9spere it didn’t work.
  3. kecked

    Question For You Chemists

    Try silver
  4. kecked

    780 nm Laser Diode Array Build

    Interesting. I willlook into this more carefully.
  5. kecked

    How and where to start building lasers? Books? Internet?

    Buy a 10.00 dollar pointer off eBay.
  6. kecked

    New build!! 1w 520nm with 0.13 mrad

    Oh for sure. NASA uses large telescopes to produce the tight beams. They still have km size return beams. That’s ok because the data sites are on property large enough to contain the beam from prying eyes. They want it for neo sats and between sats. Talk of Mars earth too. Now the beams...
  7. kecked

    New build!! 1w 520nm with 0.13 mrad

    At km distances the atmosphere messes with the beam a lot. I was trying a long distance data link and settled on leds. I tried a 20x beam expander thinking I’d get an increadable 0.01mrad. Yea no/. The noise on the beam was horrible. LEDs where better. That was not my work. NASA did the...
  8. kecked

    Question For You Chemists

    Don’t bother use copper or aluminum. The amount of heat removed has been shown through actual use to be just fine. Don’t make it more complex than it needs to be. It you want to get fancy addin a little indium foil. Truly don’t bother/
  9. kecked

    Gallium and how to make liquid metal.

    Thank you that was great. I don’t think that drop in temp is significant.
  10. kecked

    Review of the Ocean Optics USB2000 Spectrometer

    I have a similar newer unit also called usb2000 it’s does 200nm-1150nm. Maybe you can get it upgraded. Resolution is 1.2nm solid unit I love it. I used it our to 1150nm. And out to 266nm. Can’t say more on edges asi have no sources. It does see the 196nm mercury line or so I forget exact...
  11. kecked

    780 nm Laser Diode Array Build

    Can you describe in a single sentence your objective. I skimmed your novel and have no idea why you want to do what you are doing. How does the graphene tie in and what is the final product meant to do? 780nm is used mainly for Raman because there is little fluorescence. It is used to see 2d...
  12. kecked

    Sb308b292 diode with the color I've been looking for

    One point to remember on binning is the temperature matters. If you just turn it on at low current and bin you will likely get a different result from letting it run for 30 sec at desired current. Yes I know you all know that but thought I’d point it out if you start binning diodes yourself...
  13. kecked

    Sea Sick Green 1W 525nm Build

    How does the 530 color look compared to the 520 diodes? More emerald green? Should make a better yellow too. I always liked 532 but the modulation was never there.
  14. kecked

    Sb308b292 diode with the color I've been looking for

    Tell you what. I’ll bring my ocean optics unit to SELEM if you like and you guys can bin them all week long. Cost. I get one for free. I want a 488. Or 470-475. Deal.
  15. kecked

    Diode voltage?

    Same here. Circuits a random example. Just search rgbw led driver circuit. There are tons of chips to pick. Point is if you are not modulating you can do constant current will little fear of issue so long as your circuit is well behaved on turn on and turn off and the supply is stiff.
  16. kecked

    Diode voltage?

    Since your not modulating it why not grab an off the shelf rgbw led driver. Add voltage reg before it to supply the 5v. Will not work for higher Vf diodes as they need more voltage but should work for your needs. That’s just an example there are hundreds of chips to pick from and p,entry...
  17. kecked

    CLOSED: Osram PL 530 Modules: 808 nm to 530 nm OPSL Technology - Narrow .3 nm Linewidth (new, old stock)

    Sounds good. Looking forward to getting them. Just had not heard for a while. You travel more in a month than I do in a lifetime.
  18. kecked

    PERMANENT THREAD: Ebay& other internet FINDS of interest- read all the OP please sub

    You can bin a diode in like 10 sec. on a spec. heck if you have a known diode you can even match them off a grating sans spec I actually responded to this thread just to get a notification next time.
  19. kecked

    Red 200mw 650nm not doing much... am I just being stupid?

    oh dear....please don't play with invisible beams. You will eventually do something you regret and there is no do over. May I suggest a nice smoke ring launcher. Much fun and safe too.