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  1. Morgan

    LPF History 102 - Where Are They Now?

    Ah, that's nice ped, I missed you too! Super Mod eh? Has there ever been a UK member with such power?! Nice one. I've dropped in a couple of times and lurked but this thread was up so I posted. I was checking in periodically hoping for a, ’big red', in a little can. Seems there may now be one...
  2. Morgan

    Diode identification.

    ^This. (I think. Been about the same time since I switched anything on that had a narrow colour gappy or lined all the wavelengths thingies up, or something like that... *sarcasm*) M :)
  3. Morgan

    LPF History 102 - Where Are They Now?

    *gentle knock on door* Hi. You guys are still here then?! Been away overseas for a while so haven't been able to pursue anything lasers, :cryyy:, and seeing you lot have all the fun was just too painful! I checked in as I may be back for a bit but unlikely I'll be able to play out as often as...
  4. Morgan

    Power meter in europe ?

    Only ebay if you're lucky. Shipping from Jerry for a brand new Laserbee will be from Canada, not the US. Have you got a quote directly from him? M :)
  5. Morgan

    New Idea

    ^Yes, there are but you aren't going to make it look pretty or make it handheld. Off the top of my head; maybe the size of a large lunchbox to fit anything like the required batteries and I don't think you'd get much cooling in there. This is not really an idea worth pursuing. There are already...
  6. Morgan

    1mw-2.5w/RGB/Yellow/Pure Blue Green Laser Pointer on Sale!

    Not going too well so far. Best not to immediately slate your customer base. There is considerable loyalty among members here so that will cut any hope of sales. Your prices are... Shall we say a little elevated, and we should know, even for quality items. My best advice would be to remain...
  7. Morgan

    Need help with 1.5-2W 445nm driver

    Full instructions for Dr.Lava's drivers usually arrive on delivery, (I don't know about pre-set ones but I would think that's true as well). Check out the guides in my sig. I'm sure you'll find some info about test loads there... M :)
  8. Morgan

    Need help with 1.5-2W 445nm driver

    ^ Yes you can reset your driver but you will need either... A dummy test load, (if you're going to be using 445s then you're likely going to need an upgraded test load in the near future as the ones normally found will get very hot very quickly at the outputs you're looking for. The upgrade...
  9. Morgan

    For those who post images on LPF...

    Good and useful thread Jacob32123! Many forget or are unaware of the information they leak. Maybe LPF can offer a, 'clean image', option? PM me about any info you can glean from my posts or anything like that. I'd prefer to be anonymous for a number of reasons. None of them nefarious by the...
  10. Morgan

    Scam-baiting. What do you know?

    Yep, taking up time is the idea. I do like the idea of scamming the LPF scammers though! Gmail? I've been told that. I'll look into it. I have read that if you do get evidence of demands or threats, and you have some bank account details, you can get the contents seized and the account closed...
  11. Morgan

    Scam-baiting. What do you know?

    Thanks guys, that's the kind of resource I needed. I just signed up with 419Eaters. I think it's IP stripping email I need. It's a Russian love scam. Funny as hell but could be safer! M :)
  12. Morgan

    Scam-baiting. What do you know?

    Hi All, I've recently been a little hard up on funds so have found a little free entertainment. It's baiting the scammers. I've read a few very funny outcomes from others and now am talking to a couple of scammers and giving them the runaround. Has anyone had experience of this pastime? Has...
  13. Morgan

    Building a simple white laser, possible or unrealistic?

    Ah, now that's better. Cool little device there Ramsey. What is the power source? M :)
  14. Morgan

    C Mag Custom 445 Build...

    Very nice Jay. I like the way the driver is heatsinked to the main part of the head. ;) It reminds me of the Viashos and Hulks of this world. Nice blinding flashlight too! M :)
  15. Morgan

    Building a simple white laser, possible or unrealistic?

    Can you see the images you posted? I can't see them... M :)
  16. Morgan

    Building a simple white laser, possible or unrealistic?

    Weird? The images weren't in the original post but seem to have copied in the quote I can see as I write this. (I wonder if they're in the post when I post it?) [EDIT: Nope. I can see links to your albums when I quote or edit but not in the live post. :thinking: . Is the one you mean the...
  17. Morgan

    Building a simple white laser, possible or unrealistic?

    I have one of those too... What footprint and output are you getting? M :)
  18. Morgan

    1W+ 445nm Viasho Mod (17 Pics)

    Many thanks, it is always a pleasure for work to be appreciated. The circuitry was a pain but the focus ring was the USP on this one though. Once upon a time, I dropped an early build from a low height and it landed right on the focus ring. As I was using the standard Aixiz plastic lens, it...
  19. Morgan

    2W Arctic G2 with 3 Modes Custom Driver :D

    ^ You are not the only one Helios ! ;) Pray tell... That's quite an efficient diode to be getting 2W from 1.75A isn't it? Or am I just getting that wrong? M :)
  20. Morgan

    1W+ 445nm Viasho Mod (17 Pics)

    Hi All, Well, it's been a long time since I posted a build and we can't have that now can we! This was a quality 100mW 532nm Viasho laser at some point but unfortunately it seems all the photons ran out and the output had become... Let's say disappointing to be polite. I was set on the search...