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  1. robjdixon

    FS: Kenometer USB with display - $300 + shipping/pp fees

    Hey So I'm selling my Kenometer. It has the guts of a kenometer USB, but I paid for an upgrade when I bought it from ken, and I got a display put into it, which shows power, and min/max/avg power. As far as I know, this is unique and this is the only one that he made. For people that don't...
  2. robjdixon

    New Laptop advice needed

    Hey Guys (Long time no see) So basically I'm going away in a month to uni, and need a laptop. I have a budget of £900, but spending less would be quite nice. Ideally it would have a screen size of around 14", and not be a macbook. I'm an engineering student, so I'd like as much power as...
  3. robjdixon

    Robjdixon's Massive sale thread ALL SOLD

    Well, I've been searching round the house for things to sell, and I've come up with the following: ALL SOLD Rob
  4. robjdixon

    FS: 300mW 405nm 8x laser - Romisen Host, 14500 NEED QUICK SALE

    Hey Guys, I'm selling my 405nm laser. It has an 8x diode at 300mW (aixiz 405nm lens,) but could go up to ~380mW with one of jayrobs lenses. It uses the Romisen RC-A2 host (the one that IgorT used) and comes with one 14500 battery. I'm asking for $125 + shipping, but am not sure if that is...
  5. robjdixon

    Headphone amps?

    Hi, My dad bought a sansa clip MP3 player, and XMI X-mini II Mini Speakers. The problem we have is that the clip doesn't have enough power to drive the speakers, and the output sound is very low. Will headphone amps (such as Fiio E3/E5) boost the poewr enough, or do I need to find another...
  6. robjdixon

    30mW JDSU Single line argon laser system - £60+ shipping PRICE DROP

    Hi Guys, Its time to sell my argon laser. I've had it a while, and never really got round to using it properly. I need to send some moey to ken, so it is up for sale. I'm hoping to be able to sell it to a European member only, as these things are rare here. I have a JDSU 2210_30SLQT laser. It...
  7. robjdixon

    Tapatalk support

    Hi, I was wondering if we could get tapatalk support, for those that use a mobile phone to browse the forums Tapatalk - iPhone Android Nokia BlackBerry forum app for vBulletin phpBB IPBoard SMF Thanks
  8. robjdixon

    F/s 110mW Blu-ray laser + Green host PRICE DROP

    HI, New mobile phone time has come again, and I need to free up some money. 1. I have a new dilda style Blu-ray laser. SOLD 2. I have a Jayrob pocket mini laser with a flexdrive and a PHR. This should be putting out around 110mW. There is a tiny "nick" in the host, and the aixiz module is a...
  9. robjdixon

    Help me choose a new phone

    Hi guys, My contract is running out, and I need to find a new contract/phone. Does anyone have any ideas of what I should get. I've been looking at a HTC hero, and have a budget of ~£22 a month contract with o2. I've been looking at this site to find deals: Mobile Phone Deals | Best Mobile...
  10. robjdixon

    Dave Guin you BADASS!! nsfw

  11. robjdixon

    140mW 405nm GGW laser $75 + Host/heatsink combo $15 Price Drop!!

    Right, I have decided that I want a kenometer light, so I'm selling off some stuff. 2. 140mW 405nm laser - this is made from the romisen RC-A2 host, and is a GGW diode at 170mA powered by flexdrive. It puts out 140 with an aixiz glass lense, and ~130 with a acrylic lens. I'm asking $75 + ship...
  12. robjdixon

    The MW2 thread

    I have been waiting to post this thread - I was going to post it when it was announced, but I forgot, and then I was going to post it when the airport sh*t storm came up, but I forgot, and here we are now. How many of you are buying it? I'm getting it on Monday, but I need to fix my Xbox 360...
  13. robjdixon

    F/s 2 MXDL kits - 45 + ship

    Hey guys. have two MXDL kits for sale. These were bought from mohnrenberg, but I need money for other projects, so they have to go. One is black - the other is white. I would like $45 + shipping, but would also like to trade for Dark_horse's full length heatsinks as well Thanks guys Rob
  14. robjdixon

    Cod4 pc - copy of game - FOUND

    Hey guys. I have lost my PC version of COd4, and want to play it. I still have an unused licence key though. If I give someone (in the UK hopefuly) a couple of pounds, can you copy the game and send me a disc? Rob EDIT: PERSON FOUND
  15. robjdixon

    Win - Just pure win

    YouTube - Kasabian Football Hero 0XjwoVqM_qE Guitar hero with footballs and kasabian.
  16. robjdixon

    New HDD + windows 7

    Hey Guys. My HDD on my PC has been making funny noises for a while now, and I'm going to buy a new one. I'd like 1Tb, and have a budget of £60. Does anyone have any advice on what to buy At the same time, I'm upgrading to Windows 7. What is the best way to do both at the same time? 1. Put all...
  17. robjdixon

    More maths help (prize available)

    Hey guys, I've had a really tough day today, and am now struggling with the easiest of maths problems. I can see this happening a lot, so I have had the idea of giving a prize at Xmas to the person that I have judged to have helped me the most. Here are the problems for today: 1. express 1...
  18. robjdixon

    F/S 2 red lasers - 250-280mW and 70-100mW

    Hey guys. I have 2 lasers for sale: 1. A 70-100mA red laser in a small handheld host from Likeitbright. It is the romisen RC-A2. It runs on 1 x AA battery - NOT ON A 14500, an actual AA battery. Power output varies depending on battery quality. This comes with a virtual village glass lens. I'm...
  19. robjdixon

    Freak LPC-815 laser

    I was playing around in the garage earlier, building lasers primarily to sell so I can afford a PSU for my argon, and I made a red LOC laser with a rkcstr driver. Little did I know the Rkcstr was faulty, and it actually put out 600mA. I'm not sure if the driver is completely broken, but if I use...
  20. robjdixon

    Maths Help Plox

    Hey guys, I know many of you are geniuses. Can you help with my maths please? I have like 4 questions that I can't do. 1. Make f the subject of 1/f = 1/u + 1/v Basically I have no idea with this one. If I multiply by fuv, then it goes completely wrong. I remember something about just...