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  1. Lifetime17

    Here i am finally

    Hi D Welcome to LPF many nice people here enjoy your time here Rich:)
  2. Lifetime17

    A Newbs Hello From Aridzona !

    Hi Welcome to LPF Sand, Enjoy and be safe always Rich:)
  3. Lifetime17

    Sharp violet laser diode 1100-1600mw for sale

    Hi That data comes in handy buddy We don’t need to run them to hard to get over 1W + Rich:)
  4. Lifetime17

    WTB yellow dpss handheld or lab

    Hi, First time I ever heard about that also Alaskan Rich
  5. Lifetime17

    Hello from New jersey

    Hi Jeff, Welcome to LPF this is a great place to start tons of info and great folks. there's a search filed here that holds a multitude of info I am also from Jersey. Rich:)
  6. Lifetime17

    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    Hi Folks, Bumping these three builds Rich:) 520/NDG7475 405nm/powder coated 501B Convoy /465/470nm 1X26650
  7. Lifetime17

    505 nm laser diode

    Hi, Good luck in the future making those taps I am sure it will come out well. Rich:)
  8. Lifetime17

    Best Burning laser

    J, Posted the info Rich:)
  9. Lifetime17

    Best Burning laser

    Hi J, Go to J.Bauer Electronics there you will find an assortment of LPM's , they are the best and Jerry only makes LPM's these are his designs. I have 4 or 5 of them from him if you want an rpm this is the place look no further. J.BAUER Electronics 1805 Route 340 St. Telesphore, Quebec J0P...
  10. Lifetime17

    Best Burning laser

    Hi, J.. Have you ever LPM'ed any of these units you have? Rich:)
  11. Lifetime17

    DTR G8 lens

    Hi, I have ordered some G8 lens just waiting to get them . I will test them on the NUBM03/525nmdiode, With the g ball and one without Rich:)
  12. Lifetime17

    Guy points green laser pointer at guy with camera

    Hi I say take that laser and stick it were the sun doesn’t shine he will get the point Rich:)
  13. Lifetime17

    DTR G8 lens

    Hi, I dont care to much about the reflection , I just enjoy the awesome color of the WL beam. regardless this is one great diode in my opinion. Others have an different outlook about this box , but me I'm happy with the WL in any host . Rich:)
  14. Lifetime17

    Best Burning laser

    Hi, I am not replying to condone the high power of some of these diodes, but as of now the NUBM44-V2 is on top for burning. The divergence is nothing to bark about but as the beam profile is a bar is burn very well. If you just starting out I would start small , like a M140 2W build and work...
  15. Lifetime17

    WTB yellow dpss handheld or lab

    Hi, This unit runs well and plenty of sinking , the module is isolated and I used a SXD driver so shouldn't be a problem. Chris Enjoy the beautiful beam of 575nm. Rich:)
  16. Lifetime17

    WTB yellow dpss handheld or lab

    Hi, I just sold a 575nm hand held , they are really nice builds. There is also a 520nm 2X18650 / NDG7475 diode build for sale .. Rich:)
  17. Lifetime17

    Star Trek TOS Phaser's Laser Modded For Sale..

    Hi Gss, These phaser mods are great , you do some nice work on these props. Also you prices are awesome for the work put into these mods. Real laser beams and sound to match , keep up the good work buddy. Rich:)
  18. Lifetime17

    Experience with Wicked Lasers in 2019

    Hi John, It depends who and from you buy a laser from to stay out of trouble. Dont let 5 years ago scare you out of enjoying something . There are other ways to obtain a build. Rich:)
  19. Lifetime17

    Newb from Texas

    Welcome to LPF seems you will fit in well here. You have some great hobbies enjoy buddy. Rich:)
  20. Lifetime17

    505 nm laser diode

    Hi, I had a special tap made for me custom, if the thread your replying to is 11.44 Its just .4 . When I thread an adapter or sink with this tap the BE threads are like butter perfect fit no wobble . .5 is just a tad too big, What ever works for you buddy. Rich:)