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  1. Dave934

    Los Angeles, again!

    :wave:Welcome to the forum Doug. Lots of knowledge to share,wonderful people with great minds. In this forum to answer any questions you might have.:lasergun:
  2. Dave934

    Assembling a C6 laser

    Very nice work mohrenberg:drool:,The c6 is a very nice host,also i liked the flux idea,never thought of using that before i solder.I am going to purchase some of the flux.:thanks:
  3. Dave934

    Hey I am Jordan, 14 years old.

    :wave:Welcome to the forum.You can learn a great deal of information just by using the search bar,75% of most questions are already listed in the data base. The LPF search bar is your best friend, just type what you want to find out. Read all the post and threads. Remember! Please wear goggles...
  4. Dave934

    Your Opinion? bans- when should they be permanent??

    :gh:Well Spoken Tech-Junkie and :gh::gh::gh::gh::gh:Group huggs to all in the forum. lol
  5. Dave934

    :thanks:I love the projects,my favorite one is the 40 Watt bar it's pretty:eg:

    :thanks:I love the projects,my favorite one is the 40 Watt bar it's pretty:eg:
  6. Dave934

    C-mount handheld & 40W FAP 808nm.

    Nice job 532,i have a few of those diodes myself and the best power supply i can find to run these cost $139.99 from MFJ here is the link. http://www.mfjenterprises.com/Product.php?productid=MFJ-4035MV I am ham radio operator and thats what i use to power my lasers and my rig. you can adjust...
  7. Dave934

    FS 1.4W waterproof Cobalt 2000 + safety goggles

    Re: FS AwesomeLasers Cobalt 2000, LaserBee 3.2 LPM + safety goggles Steve were the matches colored black,or just straight out of the box:thinking:
  8. Dave934

    New 9mm 445 diodes

    :eg:Well i see it this way,take one of those pretty 9mm cans and push it to it's limits. And then we can see how much power it can take. And i am sure there is a lot more of these diodes out there waiting for us. What's one diode lost, to the information we can learn.,::thinking:
  9. Dave934

    I want to thank DTR,Mohgasm

    :yh:i want to thank DTR,Mohgasm,for the service i got from each one of there online stores. I ordered a 445nm M series,diode from DTR,and a 1.8 Amp driver from Mohgasm.com Both arrived today at 12:00 eastern standard time.04/07/2012:thanks: The driver and diode work flawless,both are trusted...
  10. Dave934

    US Navy May Deploy Laser Cannons Within Just Four Years

    :drool:Must take some massive juice to run that baby.
  11. Dave934

    Wiring of dual Ben Boost driver

    :eg:NIce builds you two,now where is the flux capacitor,DAM,DAM:beer:
  12. Dave934

    Closed thread.

    Re: Paypal dispute by DieselMarine :crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup::thanks:,Arglaser i needed that laugh,lol,I never seen that video untill now.
  13. Dave934

    :beer:Awesome build ryan,very good:gj:

    :beer:Awesome build ryan,very good:gj:
  14. Dave934

    Closed thread.

    Re: Paypal dispute by DieselMarine Glad you are fighting back,a lot of people want something for nothing:tsk: I ordered a 1.8 Amp driver from you store today,i am looking forward to trying it out.:beer: and :thanks:
  15. Dave934

    Fake Ultrafire 18650's

    :shhh:hex4def6 I think you can buy a heroine or cocaine test kit at the drug store i believe they sell them,i would like too know myself.I have a ultra fire red one just like this one in front of me i could open it up. I bought it from china when i bought my flashlight. .:D
  16. Dave934

    Review of Inferno Drive 2.11

    Gosh:angel:group hugg:gh:
  17. Dave934

    Review of Inferno Drive 2.11

    :gun:jeez you all could drive a man to drink lol.:beer::crackup:
  18. Dave934

    FS:3$ Linear Driver 1$ FROM EACH SALE IS DONATED TO LPF!

    Re: 3$ Linear Driver :beer:AnthoT. Can the two boards be paralleled together,and how many amps output. :thinking:?! Great job on the size
  19. Dave934

    The "IRON 4D" Driver - Ultra Low Profile 1A Red Driver

    :gj:Hello Rhd you done it again great work,how much do you figure it would cost to make 100 boards .With all the components to assemble it. Postive rep if i can.:worthy: Postive rep has been awarded