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  1. J

    NOW 447nm CNI lasers & GB #11

    I have asked for updates in PMs to Glenn several times. Others have asked for updates on this discussion. I haven't seen any update that says we need X number more 447s or anything like that. If we were just told exactly how many more were needed or a target date maybe I wouldn't have worried...
  2. J

    NOW 447nm CNI lasers & GB #11

    Obviously I realized it does take time. That is why I canceled my order.
  3. J

    NOW 447nm CNI lasers & GB #11

    Well it's been almost a month since I sent in my $295 for the 447nm laser and it's been over a week since I asked for a refund. No laser and no refund. Glenn - you need to get your act together. You haven't placed the GB with CNI yet so there should be no reason that those funds are not...
  4. J

    NOW 447nm CNI lasers & GB #11

    Time to submit the GB order to CNI . . . .
  5. J

    NOW 447nm CNI lasers & GB #11

    What is the status of this GB ? How close is the order to being placed ? How many more purchases do you need before you can actually place the order ? Most importantly, how long will it take for the lasers to be delivered to our homes ? It is a race - I have my Arctic G1, now I'm waiting for...
  6. J

    Looking for a blue laser for under $300

    Have you seen the new Wicked Lasers Arctic 1W laser ? Check it out. I just ordered one. Looks to be an excellent deal - only $197.97 It is called the Spyder III Pro Arctic. It's a new product so if you order now shipping will be free. Portable Blue Laser from Wicked Lasers - Spyder III Pro...
  7. J

    SkyLaser portable IR laser @ 1.5 watt

    I have had my P808L-1600 at 1600mW laser for a little over 8 months and I love it. It is such a good portable IR laser. If you purchase one, you will not be disappointed. Unfocused I can burn at 4 feet or so. Focused, I can burn the white walls of my apartment. It is intense ! The 2W would...
  8. J

    RPL 425 lights a stormproof match

    Did you use a black marker to color the match head black ? The RPL-400 & RPL-425 can light a match head even if it is white (I have done that many times before with my RPL-400 which outputs an average of 485mW). There should be no need to color it black.
  9. J

    SkyLasers 400mW Green Portable Laser

    The only complaint I would have with this laser is that it does not have a clean beam. Look at the part of the video where you are burning the square paper with the black square. Now look behind the paper. You can see all the scatter that is probably from the lens. I had this same complaint...
  10. J

    laser capable of cutting 6mm white depron

    My Sky 808nm +1600mW laser can create a flame on the white walls in my apartment.  I will try to cut a white styrofoam cup this weekend and let you know what happens. I hope it doesn't catch on fire . . . .
  11. J

    How much have you spent on lasers?

    I would have to say, since July 2007, I have spent somewhere between $5000 - $6000 on lasers and their accessories.
  12. J

    DX new laser thing

    I did - stupid me. I should have read all the details on shipping & EMS. Oh well - live and learn.
  13. J

    DX new laser thing

    Well . . . my first order from DX was the 200mW green pen style laser and guess what ? Customs got it in CA. and that was sometime last year. I received paperwork if I wanted to claim the item and pay some fees and the court costs. I never responded.
  14. J

    Laser Power Measurement Devices....overview !

    I received my Viasho Laser Power Meter (VLP-2000) about a week or so ago.  It is a nice and simple meter to use.  Jack, at Optotronics, has checked it out and measured it against the Coherent LaserCheck and the Fieldmaster GS laser power meters with very consistent results.  ...
  15. J

    Daguin's 165mW Blu_ray Custom

    I will try to have the pictures by the weekend. Sorry for making everyone wait.
  16. J

    Sell new 532nm 100mW laser!only USD165

    The pictures are on their website - www.newstarlaser.com Though they are not very good pictures . . . .
  17. J

    S-KY new focusable portable lasers

    Very Very nice ! I can't wait until I buy my next 532nm laser from you.
  18. J

    Sorry for the DRAMA

    I hope everything gets better for you and your family ASAP.
  19. J

    532nm laser burning viewed in full infrared vids

    Re: 532nm laser burning viewed in full infrared vi I get mine at Walmart - 4pack for $8 - $9. You might try to search online for a better deal. In this case Best Buy is not the better buy.
  20. J

    532nm laser burning viewed in full infrared vids

    Re: 532nm laser burning viewed in full infrared vi Make sure you use the Energizer Lithium E2 batteries to get the most out of your laser.  I wish I could find a rechargeable that is as powerful as the E2s.  Maybe there is someone out there that knows of some.