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    A 600nm emitting semiconductor laser for only 5$?!

    https://www.unipress.waw.pl/wtlab/index.php?file=kop1.php Ok ill admit to the obscenely clickbait-eyness of the title but i couldn't help myself and I know that people are gonna see the thread title and instantly their bullsh#t alarm goes to defcon 10x ready to tear into this fool claiming to...
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    Outstanding laser art

    I'm usually kinda snobby when it comes to laser shows and displays. I mean it's all cool eyecandy and all, but scanning and tunnelling effects get kinda stale after awhile and ilda animations are often kinda cheesy and uninspired when it comes to artistic/creative reach. This installation...
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    hello from washington

    Hello. New to the forums. Long time fan however I've been a daily reader for some years now and have learned much from these pages. Awesome source of info. Electronics&photonics is a hobby I've gotten into over the years. Made plenty of diy hacked together junktronica projects. Uhh ya that's a...