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  1. scumbagatheist

    Want to upgrade my 3W laser

    About 5 years ago, my daughter and I built a custom 3W 405nm DTR diode laser. It's a simple setup, with a copper heatsink/diode holder of around 100 grams. It's a simple 18650 flashlight conversion. I'm using it at work, and frankly, with the new diodes out, and me being so busy, I'd really...
  2. scumbagatheist

    FS: La Spada Verdi, My Prize and Joy

    Hi, all. I'm finally back, and I'm unloading my toys. Up for sale, today, is the world's first 520nm diode in Sinner's MS-SSW. This little beauty generates just over 100mW, runs on 2 X 26650 batteries with a total capacity of 8000mWh. You could literally run this lasers for 27 hours before the...
  3. scumbagatheist

    FS: Ophir 20C Sensor w Power Supply and Heatsinking

    Hi, all! I know it's been a very long time since I've been around the forums. I went through some difficulties, challenges, and a change in jobs. I'm offering up for sale my Ophir 20C, along with the custom heatsinking I built for it, and the power supply, as well as the PS and DMM interface...
  4. scumbagatheist

    Lasers in Science

    We should make this an ongoing thread with links to peer reviewed journals, multimedia, etc.. Anyway, on to today's find: How about a diamond, being suspended in a vacuum with a beautiful high-powered laser? I'm guessing a high-output 532nm. I'll link to an article or this experiment, if I...
  5. scumbagatheist

    So, I might be enjoying DTR's projector kit a bit..

    My 520nm MS-SSW and 450nm Kryton Groove My 520nm MS-SSW and 638nm Kryton Groove
  6. scumbagatheist


    Hello, all. I'd like to make my apologies for not being active lately. I was able to participate often while I had a wonderful assistant, combined with a slow period at work. I had it made. I had my bench PSU, heatsinked Ophir, great DMM, diode test/punishment heatsink, tripods, clamps, orders...
  7. scumbagatheist

    Something New For My Cats!

    What kind of sorcery is this?? Now, my boys can play with a 3W dot around the house! "I don't know where all those scorch marks came from, honey..."
  8. scumbagatheist

    The Death of the Mighty Steed

    So, I was picking up my daughter at the airport. I was in my little Toyota Solara, which has been a trusty used car we got from a friend. She's got ~168K miles on her. We've hardly had to do anything to it in the 2+ years we've had her. Well, the little Toyota, named Stella, suffered a fatal...
  9. scumbagatheist

    Throw away those goggles and hand me an Arctic!

    Don't get too terribly excited, just yet folks. But, here's some great news for all of us who have done some damage to our retinas. First successful transplant of retinas made from embryonic stem cells - FierceBiotech
  10. scumbagatheist

    FS:Custom SBA Kryton Grooves

    Well folks, I am down to my last 2 Kryton Grooves that I will be offering for sale as full builds. I'll offer them in 9mm 445nm, and in single-mode and multi-mode diode builds. I will have Mrcrouse machine out the Krytons for press-fit modules, should someone want something in 3.8mm. The price...
  11. scumbagatheist

    I Came Across This SICK ILDA Competitor Video

    I don't know who this guy is, but holy crap! :drool:
  12. scumbagatheist

    Not Lazors...Just watch it anyway

  13. scumbagatheist

    How Are You Spending Your Sunday??`

    Why, with lasers, of course!
  14. scumbagatheist

    My Take on RGB lighting tonight

    Not much. But, here ya go... From my single-mode collection: 638nm - To LPM in Kryton Groove 520nm - 115mW in MS-SSW 450nm - To LPM in Kryton Groove
  15. scumbagatheist

    So Busy a Rookie Mistake Got Me

    So, I've been very busy at work in the last two weeks, with my assistant out due to a torn hamstring. Now, usually, I have the time to handle the sales and repair of the vacuums, and get plenty of time to work on lasers. Of course, as soon as my assistant is out, we suddenly get bum-rushed with...
  16. scumbagatheist

    New Case, Big Competition For Pelican!

    Hi, all! It was time for me to upgrade my carrying case. My old one wasn't cutting it anymore. I don't have a lab at home (no space), and I don't trust leaving my expensive equipment around my shop (meth heads). So, I needed a case that was big enough for not only my lasers, but the more...
  17. scumbagatheist

    HD Video: Bucky Balls Cube With Four Lasers; 2 Videos

    I don't know why I didn't think of doing this before! This is a little bit rough. I am thinking of reproducing it. I hope you enjoy it! From video description: Bucky Ball cube of 216 magnets, being lit up with four lasers. Proper eye protection was worn during production of video. Lasers are...
  18. scumbagatheist

    Veteran Status Revoked

    Well, I received word that my veteran status has been revoked. It's a very disappointing turn of events. I do understand the reasoning (to be fair and strict to the rules), but it still stings. So, for all the vets that were bothered that I was allowed to be a vet, you need not worry anymore...
  19. scumbagatheist

    Sketchy As F...

    Found on reddit
  20. scumbagatheist

    Sold: 5W Ophir 20C-A-1Y Sensor

    Hi, all! I'm offering up for sale my NIB 5W Ophir 20C-A-1Y from Cclem on Fleabay. I'm only asking a pittance more than what I paid for it @ $240 plus shipping. If you're interested in extra heatsinking, let me know. We can work something out. SBA