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  1. Toke

    LPF's Religion

    And it tends to get really ugly when believers try to run a country according to their superstition with no regards to other's ideas.
  2. Toke

    Bad experience (so far) with yourlasers (formerly DX)

    I can't disagree more. The swine's are making a nice profit selling laser with blatantly dishonest claims. Barring any public agency to keep an eye on them the only way to stop it is either private litigation or people like us to cut into their profits with LPMs.
  3. Toke

    People as Blackbodies

    Last I heard a human at rest would produce app. 100W. Some of the heat would be disposed of as heated breathing air, some by air heated by skin contact and some as blackbody radiation. I have had the opportunity to handle some really fancy thermal binoculars and seen the thermal signature of a...
  4. Toke

    my green laser

    The 20 sec is the crystal setup being warmed up to working temperature. A poor quality laser is very likely to have such issues and it is more or less impossible to fix.
  5. Toke

    possible to test initial power with LaserBee LPM

    It sounds like you are mistaking the initial reading for initial laser output. The meter works on the temperature difference between the sensor and the cooling plate it is mounted on, it will take some time for the laser to heat the mass of the sensor and show true power. Your 445nm laser does...
  6. Toke

    30mW Green Laser Pointer Pen opinions?

    Well it is simply a combination of poor quality control and the US limitation of 5mW on import lasers. It means that the really low end crystal setups will be sold as 5mW no matter what they produce.
  7. Toke

    Lasersman: Avoid like the plague

    Thanks for the heads up. I am used to honest dealings over the net and find the Laserman behaviour inexcusable.
  8. Toke

    30mW Green Laser Pointer Pen opinions?

    One problem is that low cost 0-50mW lasers, particular pen-style are rarely power tested. You could just as well buy 5mW pens from ebay, they will be somewhere between 1 and 40-50mw. I recommend that you get some goggles and a good quality tested first laser. Laser Safety Goggles EP1 For...
  9. Toke

    LPF's Religion

    daguin, It looks like you are working towards Pascal's wager. The idea is that since hell is eternal it is a good bet to worship on the chance that god is real. I strongly suspect it was meant as a joke, as Odin* is not likely to be impressed by any ones christian prayers. :) *Or Jupiter...
  10. Toke

    Green laser pointer help

    How about you just lower your expectations of that pen down to 1mW level? My signature contain a link to Odicforce, it is in the UK and carry good quality products. Don't forget goggles for anything above 5mW. They tend to cost more than the laser, and if you don't want to spend that much get...
  11. Toke

    LPF's Religion

    I am not sure how relevant it is by now, but I am pretty sure one of those apostles were reported martyred 3-4 times in different locations. So even the somewhat irrelevant point of them really believing in jesus is in doubt.
  12. Toke

    Buying 445 nm safety glasses from the UK

    Odicforce is in the UK. I have these myself. http://odicforce.com/shop/article_OFL52/Laser-Safety-Goggles-EP1-For-190-540nm-_-800-2000nm-%28Green%2C-IR-and-Blu-ray-Lasers%29.html?shop_param=cid%3D20%26aid%3DOFL52%26
  13. Toke

    LPF's Religion

    I don't think that advice were appreciated. :crackup::crackup::crackup::crackup:
  14. Toke

    LPF's Religion

    :mad::tsk::gun: It is one of those exclamation things, they are rare in my part of the world. :)
  15. Toke

    LPF's Religion

    What?? Do we have a real live creationist here?
  16. Toke

    LPF's Religion

    I did not realise there were muslim creationists around? Anyway, they/he appear to use the same arguing from ignorance as christian nutters.
  17. Toke

    800mw GREEN 532nm Laser POINTER! $44.04

    And how exactly are you going to determine output? :whistle: If you are very lucky it will be somewhere between 50 and 100mW.
  18. Toke

    Build Thread: An absurdly bright tent-light.

    Entertaining project. The closest I have been were putting a 250W halogen work light in a 2-man tent. It looks really cool from the outside, but does not work outside e.g. a festival employee camp, electricians corner. :D
  19. Toke

    STELLAR Experience with Surplus Shed & Fred.

    I have only purchased there once, but have the impression of a good store with excellent support and a thing for happy customers. (There were a partial error in my order, when notifying them I got an immediate response and the correct item were sent right away.)
  20. Toke

    Do you carry your laser as self defense at night?

    You have had some nasty examples of emergency services not working too well, Katrina is one, and there were rather long riots some decades ago. A breakdown is not just determined by how well FEMA or equivalent is working, but also by peoples perception of it. If enough people believe society...