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  1. LEDbeam

    Is the buy/sell/trade section operating?

    I posted an ad back on Friday and now 2 more days have gone by and it has been neither accepted or rejected. The rules say that it has to be approved before it becomes visible. I assumed I'd be notified if it didn't get approved. Does anyone know if that section is still operating normally...
  2. LEDbeam

    **(SOLD!)**SF501b 445nm blue laser "as is", plus extras $40

    Selling my SF501b 455nm blue laser, which was originally a 1.5—1.8W. It no longer outputs the way it used to, which means the diode may be fried, or something else is wrong that needs fixing. It only puts out a very weak beam that can only be seen in a very dark room. I’ve already charged up...
  3. LEDbeam

    After 6 days, new laser is now a flashlight

    I just received my SF501b 1.5--1.8W laser from Scifi lasers and now the focusing ring came off and when I put it back on, the only light that comes out is similar to a flashlight. I only had it for 6 days and now it's not shining like a laser anymore. FWIW, that focusing ring needs to be...
  4. LEDbeam

    SciFi Lasers SF501b blue 445nm 1.5--1.8W

    Here’s my review of the Sci Fi Lasers SF501B 445nm blue 1.5—1.8W laser. It’s my first review so I hope I end up doing a good job of it. I ordered it on Feb. 27th and it was shipped on March 9th and I received it on April 1st. So, a month and 3 days. Placing the order was pretty simple and...
  5. LEDbeam

    Laser warmup in reviews

    I noticed something that is common in all the videos I've seen where burning things, lighting matches, popping balloons, etc. is done to show the power of the laser. At the beginning, we see the laser being turned on, then a match or whatever is placed in front of the beam. One thing that...
  6. LEDbeam

    Would these be good for blue 445 laser?

    I understand that tests would have to be done in order to know exactly how good they are. But judging by the color alone, would these be good for at least a majority of needed protection for a 445nm laser? I've heard red is the color to have for a blue laser, but I've also heard orange and...
  7. LEDbeam

    Could someone please tell me about this item?

    I noticed that when lasers are battery powered (and batteries and a charger aren't already possessed), the batteries and charger add a lot to the cost. So I was wondering about getting something that plugs into a wall outlet. Makes sense if going outdoors with it is something that would only...
  8. LEDbeam

    Question about wavelengths and purpose

    I've noticed that all the talk about blue lasers are all about their burning power. When the talk is concerning green lasers, then it's about using them to point to things. But if the power level of a green laser was increased enough, they burn things as well. Also, I noticed blue lasers...
  9. LEDbeam

    Possible to buy "almost complete" laser in USA?

    I've been looking at the idea of buying a higher powered laser (between 1W and 2W) and I live in the USA where such items are apparently legal to own, but not to manufacturer or sell. So the only option is to either buy one overseas and hope it doesn't get seized by Customs, or build one...