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  1. Toke

    OEM lasers in 26.5mm modules?

    I* have been wondering about the number of flashlights that use the 26.5mm drop-in with either LED or incan. Why is nobody making heatsinks and/or finished modules for them? (Moh, I am looking at you. :)) The only problem I can see is that tolerances of hosts may wary a bit and necessitate a...
  2. Toke


    How does one decide the correct current for a pump diode? I have several pens, two app. 50mW, and now one +120mW green. The 50mW use app. 0.5A the +120mW about 0.75A. I am planning* on making a P/I curve for the 50mW ones and trying to find some optimal point. Does anyone have a guideline for...
  3. Toke

    Fan cooled 12X in Mohrenberg host.

    I have just finished my new quick and dirty fan cooled handheld. :D The host is from Mohrenberg, a nice spacious one where the side clicky have lots of space underneath. The diode is from Morgan, fan from boscoj, and the driver is a simple linear one from Aixiz set to 400mA. I had to remove...
  4. Toke

    Ads on the forum?

    My browser have recently started using something like 100% of the processor when viewing LPF. It mean an incredible lag. Have there been any changes to the ads within the last 12-24 hours? I am running Firefox on an Ubuntu laptop. ETA: Setting NoScript to ban the Laserglow banner solved the...
  5. Toke

    About time, Greetings from Denmark.

    I noticed the forum and signed on about a month ago due to the Arctic. Later on I cancelled my order due to delays. I am an electrician and have spend the last 12 years sailing on Danish vessels in world wide trade. Recently the Danish shipping agencies have been cutting costs and hiring...
  6. Toke

    Shipping from Hong Kong.

    I came home from my ship last night, to a full mailbox. Among the stuff were an envelope from Hong Kong, it contained a pair of red glasses and a "5W" flashlight. I have not ordered those two items together and have no idea who sent them? Any idea what I can do, is it likely that somebody else...
  7. Toke

    Using the host driver?

    I have just dismantled* my Fenix PD30, the pill? appear to be solid with holes drilled for wires, so fitting a driver in will not be easy. I am thinking of making a cylinder 14,2mm long and 18,8mm wide with a hole for a 9mm module, or front and business of a 12mm module. It would replace the...
  8. Toke

    Absurd LED thrower optics?

    I am not quite sure where to put this. Does anyone know of optics that will let a small flash light give a laser like beam at night? It would have limited practical purpose, but I think it would look cool to have a LED 1xAAA or such that can make a dot at several hundred meters.