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    LPC-815 with AMC7135

    Hi, I've some questions with my LPC-815. Can I wire my lpc with amc7135 like this, and how I gonna do?: Thanks
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    AMC7135 - building a 445nm

    Hi, I was searching in a lot of topics but I didn't found the answers of my questions, so I will post here a some questions: 1 - Is possible to power my 445nm diode (A140) with a 4.5v battery (amc7135 driver)? 2 - Is possible to build my flashlight in these way? ": | Diode = AMC7135 = Switch...
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    AMC7135 Dealextreme problems! 1050ma

    Hi, anyone can point for me where is the: LED + and - And the + and - of the battery. Thanks http://piogames.com/sany0003.jpg
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    445nm amc7135 problems with building

    Hi, i'm trying to make my laser with a amc7135 but I don't know where will I solder the positive and negative points of my diode. I'm using a Cree C3. 445nm -- Driver (amc7135) -- + battery - --- tail Thanks
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    About mirror

    Hi, I want to know if exist any mirror to reflect my 445nm laser beam without lose the power of my laser. Thanks
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    It anything wrong with my diode and driver?

    Hi, today I tested my diode without the lenses, but my diode don't have nice beam, have anything wrong with my diode?? Photo 1 Photo 2 And my Boost Drive I put the multimeter to measure the voltage that my drive has producing and the voltage was 13V, this is a problem?
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    445nm Portable Wiring!

    Hi, I just want to know if this will work: Driver: Boost Driver Diode: A140 Battery: 14500 Host: Cree C3
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    4 LPC in parallel

    Hello, I just want to know how I can drive 4x LPC-815 diodes at 240mAh but want to use only one driver, how can I do that?
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    250nm Laser

    Hello everybody, I need to make a 250nm laser. Anyone have a ideia how to make this laser?
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    Recyclable Waste

    Hi, I just want to know if you: Recycle your waste? [Yes] [No] If you receive money to recycle your waste, will you recycle? [Yes] [No] Thanks Results: Recycle your waste? [Yes] | [No] If you receive money to recycle your waste, will you recycle? [Yes] | [No]
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    List of incidents

    Hi, lets put here all incidents that have happened with laser and how to prevent this accidents for don't happen again. Every incident that you post here I'll put in this post and with the discussion of the members of this forum i'll put how to prevent the accident. (Sorry for my bad english)...
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    My 445nm portable laser

    Hello everybody, i'm new with lasers and I'll make a 445nm laser, i'd like a opinion for what I gonna do. Diode: A140 Driver current: 700mA Battery: 14500 3.7V 900mAh How much Will be: Aixiz 405 lens: $10 + $3 shipping (OK) (Ebay) Diode: $54 (OK) (Daguin) Flashlight: $13 (OK!) (HighTechDealz)...
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    LPC-815 250mw Red Laser

    Hello, i'd like to know if I use a LPC-815 diode with a FlexDriver with 2x 1.5v AA battery, with 400mA will work fine? Thanks
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    250mw + 405nm (class 3b)

    Hello, i'm new with lasers, i've a green 200mw that a I bought a long time ago, and now i'd like to have a 250mw blue laser inside a AA Minimag. I think the power source can be 2x 14500 7,4v battery from DealExtreme. I saw in ebay this module with a drive from geareb: 250mW+ 405nm High Power...