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  1. Misanthrop

    FS: 445 1W Module.

    445 1 W Module. Perfect working order. £60 Pounds ($90) PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE Not including shipping. Any questions feel free to ask :)
  2. Misanthrop

    Selling my 473nm

    SOLD Hi everyone, selling a few lasers, first up its my 50mW 473 Module. Beautiful colour as I'm sure most of you are aware of. Power ranges from 45mW to 50mW. Perfect working order, will be shipped with the utmost protection. European plug on the end. There is a couple of seconds delay...
  3. Misanthrop

    Temporary inactivity due to injuries.

    Hello all, Unfortunately my son,Daniel, (Misanthrop) has been involved in a very serious car accident, which happened shortly after christmas, he has been in a coma since and one of his friends was killed. We are very happy because today he has regained consciousness and one of the first...
  4. Misanthrop


    LaserPointer.com | The world's most exclusive range of high-powered handheld green, blue, red and purple laser pointers.
  5. Misanthrop

    Happy Xmas from england,.....

    It's 2:16 in the morning and christmas day techincally; so yeh happy christmas from England... !!!!
  6. Misanthrop

    Where can I find..

    An empty DPSS laser head to buy... like sort of a 1W sized one.. (if that's a good sized reference.. Sort of like this... That would be just a bit under a general hands length. Unless your're this guy All I can find when I type in "Empty laser module" and "Laser head" are just little...
  7. Misanthrop

    Lazerer shipping / Postal

    This is mainly aimed at max and is also a general question about post. I ordered two lasers at the same time practically (Within an hour of each) I received a 2W IR on Monday (Peak 1895) (Average 1803) I also ordered a 500mW Green.. Now technically that should have come aswell and I'm not...
  8. Misanthrop

    Misinformed purchase, need help now :)

    Hey guys so I bought this 1W red labby off ebay, it was a misinformed purchase because I beleived it was "Plug and play" so to speak, no I have no idea what these wires connect to.. any help? The wires have no discernible indications of what they are used for ie. no writing on them...
  9. Misanthrop

    The Christmas gift idea thread...

    So I'm at a loss what to get my mum.. in all honestly this should have been done ages ago.. so please help.. what are you getting yours and your other relatives, all list and we can help each other out :D
  10. Misanthrop

    @ Anyone who sells things on LPF

    I'm not asking for an answer, your free to disclose as much information as you like, and no figures at all. But you guys that sell stuff on here, the "Big Dawgs" so to speak, do you make a fair amount, for example, THIS is your job, or you have other jobs, and just do this for spare money to...
  11. Misanthrop

    (New) Can someone please build me a driver..

    I need a driver to power a 4W 808 IR diode... preferably with a potentiometer.. Please reply with information you need from me... because that blatantly isn't enough ^ The uttermost extreme dimensions would be 8cm length MAX and 3 cm width MAX, the height would be 1.8cm MAX. It would be...
  12. Misanthrop

    Can someone "Sell" me a driver..

    Umm I'm looking to power a 2W 445, Send me some quotes!
  13. Misanthrop

    Look at this DPSS crystal!

    This is two crystals from a 532 DPSS system, I can't remember the names of the crystals, but I think it's definitely an 808 system.... With the purple crystal doubling and the green hueish halving it. Basically the crystal on the bottom with the purple coated sides just looks a bit odd to me...
  14. Misanthrop

    WTB 2W+ 445 Laser

    Anyone got a 445 2W+ pointer for sale. Aren't many listed here.
  15. Misanthrop

    (UPDATED) Silvershots Host.. Warning Picture and Description Heavy!!

    Final finished pictures will be uploaded tomorrow, stay tuned!! So basically a small tutorial so to speak.. also to make a name for myself. If you need any words of advice or to have any work done PM me. Ok guys here is the first host of what I hope to be many. The host is obviously...
  16. Misanthrop

    Cheap 473

    473 nm Blue Laser, DPSS, B&W Tek BWB-10-OEM | eBay Not bad. Not completely up to scratch but with a little tweaking could be worth it?
  17. Misanthrop

    Can someone just clear this up for me!

    What Watt 808 is in a 1W CNI labby (green)... (Generally) CNI won't disclose it to me... they would rather me have them send the laser for repair at a price of 735$ which is more than it cost I think. I've given them all the details / serials and they still won't tell me. I wouldn't even...
  18. Misanthrop

    Banned from wicked lasers..

    Either banned or they've deleted my account or something.. for no reason either.. I haven't posted there in over a week and a half.. Maybe he took his revenge because he got banned from here... I'm not that bothered really.. Injustice is served....
  19. Misanthrop

    My first restoration completed all by myself!

    Only one picture unfortunately! It's a 1950's Jaguar Mk2 Will have a straight 6 in it soon enough.
  20. Misanthrop

    Bending spring..

    It was flickering on and off last time I used it.. so I took it apart and found the spring was loose. (O-like tactical 1.2W) Anyone had this problem? if so can you give me some ideas to correct it. For all those not familiar with the host please say and I'll post more information. So yeh^^...