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  1. djcmount

    Current take on *authentic* Eagle Pair laser glasses?

    Greetings, all. I had noted some individuals on here have reservations about EaglePair laser goggles. When I was first getting into lasers many years ago, EaglePair was highly recommended, so I purchased based on that feedback. I purchased directly from Survival Laser. I currently own...
  2. djcmount

    Need a ~3.1W handheld blue repaired

    Hi all. I have a ~3.1+W handheld blue I bought from another user on here. I procrastinated my correspondence with him to get it repaired, and I haven't gotten a reply from him since April of 2020. He'd offered to take a look at my laser a while prior, but I think I may have to have someone...
  3. djcmount

    Weighing my options for a repair/rebuild

    My handheld laser bit the dust a little while back, and I'm weighing my options as far as just swapping out the diode or perhaps upgrading it. It was a 445nm, 1.1W in a coleman host, G2 lens. I've gotten quite a lot of hours use on it since I've had it. Appears the diode has bit the dust...