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  1. djcmount

    Hilarious Chinese lens manufacturer name....

    Liquid shart. Starts singing: Baby shart poo poo poo poo poo poo
  2. djcmount

    Current take on *authentic* Eagle Pair laser glasses?

    Greetings, all. I had noted some individuals on here have reservations about EaglePair laser goggles. When I was first getting into lasers many years ago, EaglePair was highly recommended, so I purchased based on that feedback. I purchased directly from Survival Laser. I currently own...
  3. djcmount

    I want to buy a “cheap” green laser where the beam is super strong

    We're clearly dealing with a very stable genius
  4. djcmount

    I want to buy a “cheap” green laser where the beam is super strong

    Yes, PoGo is still going strong I have a lucky shiny unown I received via a trade from a lucky friend
  5. djcmount

    These glasses will protect me from this diode, right?

    Wow, this is news to me that EaglePair are not trustworthy. When I bought them many years ago, (I thought the research said) they were highly rated. @Psyrex, granted I may have missed a memo on EaglePair, but generally laser goggles will be effective across a range. If you're working with...
  6. djcmount

    405nm violet as use for a camping water disinfectant

    Following. Also skeptical about 405nm being very useful at disinfecting compared to wavelengths below 400.
  7. djcmount

    3W and 1W Repair

    Thanks for helping me out. Edit: One of the items was purchased from a member who is no longer around or reachable. The other was part of a bulk sale of a member getting rid of stuff they don't need.
  8. djcmount

    I want to buy a “cheap” green laser where the beam is super strong

    Facepalm. OT @unown : I like your name fyi. Do you play PoGo? Other pokemon games?
  9. djcmount

    I want to buy a “cheap” green laser where the beam is super strong

    Wow lol. I felt there was a healthy balance of snark and informative replies on safety from members on here...especially on the safety aspects. I usually lead with which protective eyewear I own already or which I would intend to purchase if I'm going to buy a wavelength I do not currently have...
  10. djcmount

    Member Map

    Not sure how to add to the map I'm in zip code 63116 Repping STL Missouri USI
  11. djcmount

    Wanting to scare doves away

    Don't think you'll get anywhere with doves. They're pretty dumb and instinctual. Maybe try stuff like predator bird sounds. Why are you trying to scare them off? From where? Sometimes setting a portable sprinkler on a timer might work.
  12. djcmount

    Need a ~3.1W handheld blue repaired

    Hi all. I have a ~3.1+W handheld blue I bought from another user on here. I procrastinated my correspondence with him to get it repaired, and I haven't gotten a reply from him since April of 2020. He'd offered to take a look at my laser a while prior, but I think I may have to have someone...
  13. djcmount

    1.4W 520nm - The Hulk - MS-SSW-II Custom Direct Green

    Hot damn! This makes me pretty GREEN also. HULK SMASH! HULK WANT. Pretty sure it's out of my price range presently. It would make a nice addition to my ~3.1W 445 nm once the price drops closer to my budget. Curious how much a build is running presently.
  14. djcmount

    Scorcher & The Scorcher Jr. 445nm 3.4w+ w/strobe

    Re: PRICE DROP !! Scorcher & The Scorcher Jr. 445nm 3.4w+ w/strobe Payment sent :)
  15. djcmount

    Scorcher & The Scorcher Jr. 445nm 3.4w+ w/strobe

    Re: The Scorcher & The Scorcher Jr. 445nm 3.4w+ w/strobe PM sent.
  16. djcmount

    !Now 200$! Black "grit" powdercoat 2.5W 18650 445nm laser!

    Include shipping to USA? If so, this might be of interest to me. My old 1.1W blue diode bit the dust. Was lookin for a ***ier host than the coleman flashlight (the 1.1W blue was my first handheld class 4 purchase) with a bit more output. Edit: apparently $exier is profane? that's what I said.
  17. djcmount

    Weighing my options for a repair/rebuild

    My handheld laser bit the dust a little while back, and I'm weighing my options as far as just swapping out the diode or perhaps upgrading it. It was a 445nm, 1.1W in a coleman host, G2 lens. I've gotten quite a lot of hours use on it since I've had it. Appears the diode has bit the dust...
  18. djcmount

    20mw-30mw 532nm Laser Question

    I have a BS in Biomedical Engineering, so I can read & interpret different studies. One I read, which dealt in a lot more detail in optics than I have, I gathered that for most people, up to 50mW, you may experience some discomfort & afterimage, but it is unlikely to cause burning of the retinal...
  19. djcmount

    How to kill a diode fast

    Had to make a movie reference in relation to this post. Don't cross the streams. RIP diode.