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    New Movie's 532nm pointer scene

    Observe and Report. I saw this movie's trailer on a Nitflix video yesterday which involved the actor to use what appears to be a 5mW green laser to create comedy by pointing around in public, at chicks ass's and stuff. Couldn't find the scene in any youtube videos though. Oh well. :-X
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    Excellent Safety site…

    http://www.geocities.com/muldoon432/Laser_Types_and_Classifications.htm What yo'all think?
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    Internet Gibberish

    I don't understand why I get this:
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    Re: Nova X75

    Re: Nova X75 I have the x75, which is a great laser... and averaging at 84mW, it breaks the "burning barrier", but is not so sufficient.  I wanted the x-75 so I could have a nice bright green portable pen style for a nice beam, and for visibility in the day light for pointing at construction...
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    My Beam Collection

    I thought that I would take to time to share my laser collection with everybody by picture! First up, are my builds - MXDL's with JayRob Heatsync and rkcstr drivers and 10440's. I have the two 650's, gold one is open can @ 150mW and the black one is closed can @ ~180mW.  The green one is...
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    RISE UP!!!

    "Come to the edge" "We can't, we will fall!" "Come to the edge" 'We can't, we're afraid!' "Come to the edge' And they came And he pushed them And they flew This movie, Escape from Suburbia: http://www.theoildrum.com/node/3055 among a few others, really help enlighten he/she who views them about...
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    2 Qestions...

    MORE THEN 1 OPTION. But please, select only one of each one: True or False??::   "blu-ray", or 405nm laser diodes produce much more "emissions of radiation", then our eyes detect by form of light?  Meaning, that there are photons outside of the average human's eye sight color spectrum, and...
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    What the???

    Sorry if this is repeat, but what the heck? :-/ http://www.laserpointerfourms.com/
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    Hopped up 1/18 scale RC monster truck!

    As the title says, I've taken a Durratrax Mini Quake and beefed it up a little, ok ALLOT! With a Thunderpower 7.4V 2100mA LiPo battery, Castle Creations Mamba 25 brushless esc, and the 430 Large Align outrunner brushless motor.... the same motor I had in my RC heli (upgraded to a 450XL), and...
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    405nm vs 650nm Burning?

    How come, it takes a ~200mW 650nm open can laser to burn 22x, and ~400mW of 405nm closed can to burn 12x? We all know that blu-ray burns much more efficiently then red as well. :-? Why can't a PHR do more then 12X at ~80mW, since it burns basically the same or better then ~150mW red? Is it the...
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    Photons in your Eye!

    Ok, we all say to wear safety laser goggles, to protect our retinas so we can continue living a life of being able to see our lasers. And I agree, that staring at a dot bright enough to burn materials no matter the wavelength, that we should wear the proper eye gear. However, let me share a...
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    Doctor & Hospital Visits

    This poll has 2 parts, set for multiple votes allowed so please vote only one in either/both of the parts.   Part 1. By show of vote, how many people go see the doctor or to the hospital without hesitation, vs. those people who avoid the two at ALL COSTS.  I know the criticality has a big roll...
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    EYE TRAUMA!!! Not caused by lasers

    So help me God if I'm wrong.   This weekend I just finished my 6x 405nm build, and I'm pretty sure that it's putting out over 160mW without testing on a LPM, judging from my experience with lasers and especially with blu rays.  Very DANGEROUS laser!!! Now, I know I am a wise man, however even...
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    DX Got wise...4mW greenie

    https://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.16960 I wonder how many mW these really are... ;D
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    FS: (2) 70mW MXDL 405nm...

    These are my first builds that I wish to sell (except for in person).  I'm asking $160 including shipping USD, with the option of buying a charger for additional $13.   These lasers are 70mW but are guaranteed to last, as they aren't being pushed passed their creators expectations.   See...
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    Powering an LD to MAX

    So I’ve learned that the initial start up of a laser diode is where it undergoes the most amount of stress, given that it is given a safe current, then even leaving them run for long periods of time. So, if you were to let a laser diode run for hours at a time, would be less stress on the diode...
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    How you remove a LD from it's sled?

    If anybody would like to share their technique... Mine is option 1... :-/
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    Another 405nm Magic Trick

    This weekend, I was fooling around with my ~150mW 405nm, shining it on a ripped open snickers candy bar wrapper from the inside. The inside is white, the outside is dark brown. 2 things happened, one might just be my eyes, but the other is defiantly something to trip some people out if you do it...
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    DX red/green star field show

    I just wanted to share with everyone this: http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.14651 It looks pretty interesting, for a good price two! I wonder what all involves.
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    "Can I mod a 5mW red into a burner?"

    http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1131203/turn_your_5mw_laser_pointer_into_a_burning_beast/ This video should be stickied for all the noobs who think they can mod a 5mW red pointer. For some reason, I've noticed LOTS of these questions flooding some threads. Perhaps there's nothing that can be done...